Join us on July 1st for the StreamMe PubG Invitational!

This Saturday at 2 P.M. EST, join us for the StreamMe PubG Invitational team tournament!

Eighteen teams from North America and Europe apiece will engage in a four-group double elimination bracket. These teams will be decided by way of the Showdown Rankings from the PubG official website. The competition will feature a $1,000 prize pool to be awarded to the top four teams, paid out by electronic means.

Caster for this Saturday will be Matt “Matrym” Oates, an esports caster for Overwatch and PubG events. He has previously worked with entities such as Major League Gaming, COWLeague, PubGOnline, etc. It is our pleasure to welcome him to the invitational!

For a review of the rules that will be used to govern the PubG Invitational, visit this page from the PubGOnline website. These rules will be enforced at the discretion of those responsible for organizing the tournament.

We welcome you to follow us at to stay notified as to when the broadcast happens, which will air at 2 P.M. Eastern Time on July 1st. Make sure your email notifications are enabled in your user settings so that when the channel goes live, you’re informed.

Best of luck to the thirty-six teams competing this Saturday!

For those unfamiliar with PubG, it stands for “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” and is a massive multiplayer title that is extremely popular online. Developed and published by Bluehole, it is currently available for PC but plans to port the game to the PS4 and Xbox One consoles are underway. Players engage in life-like environments with the goal of killing off enemy players, without getting eliminated themselves. The game was initially released in an early access phase for Steam users and over four million copies had been sold in just under three months, a fact that lends evidence to its success as an esports title.

The game has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from stream viewers as per donations for organizations such as the Gamers Outreach Foundation to celebrate the product’s success. As such, we’re pretty eager to see how the invitational turns out this Saturday, and we hope you share in that eagerness!

See you this Saturday! In the meantime, follow this blog and the pages below to stay informed on all news regarding the StreamMe PubG Invitational.

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