Jin Kisaragi, Yosuke Hanamura and Linne confirmed for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle!

Yesterday, ArcSystemWorks, the developers for the highly anticipated crossover title Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, took to the airwaves to update us on their plans for the product. During the course of the broadcast, we learned the names of three more characters coming to the roster.

According to the Twitter post seen above, the characters revealed are Jin Kisaragi from Blazblue, Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4 Arena Ultimate, and Linne from Under Night In-Birth! Characters previously confirmed include Ragna the Bloodedge (BB), Yu Narukami (P4AU), Hyde Kido (UNIST) and Ruby Rose (RWBY).

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle features characters from a variety of anime fighters slugging it out in beautifully designed backgrounds, using the mechanics from Blazblue’s gameplay engine. Players will engage in 2-versus-2 combat using tag teams and all-new abilities afforded to them via the meter system. The product is expected to release for consoles next year.

Taken from the official YouTube channel for ArcSystemWorks, see below for a trailer that gives us a brief glimpse at the new characters’ capabilities!

Notice that at the end of the trailer, it says, “1st impact in October,” followed by the promise of more news. What could they mean by “1st impact?” Perhaps…a beta?! After all, ArcSystem did just release a closed beta for another of their games that is in development: Dragonball FighterZ. Still, we will be watching for more developments!

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