CEO’s Jebailey Teases an All-Smash Event

Community Effort Orlando’s Alex Jebailey, who is also the head organizer for DreamHack’s FGC events, has hinted towards a Super Smash Bros.-exclusive CEO event in 2017 via Twitter, and the FGC is losing their minds.

Community Effort Orlando currently runs two annual fighting game events in Florida: CEO, the significantly larger of the two which showcases tournaments for titles such as Super Smash Bros. Melee and Street Fighter V, and CEOtaku, an event that exclusively focuses on anime-style titles like Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code.

In terms of Smash, CEO it is heralded as one of the biggest major events in North America, with a total of 906 and 678 entrants for singles in Smash 4 and Melee respectively. With the number of participants rising each year, the Smash portions of CEO significantly exceeded their allotted times to the point where organizers were forced to return Melee top 8 to best-of-three while eliminating doubles events for both titles. While the changes caused a fuss in the Smash community, many understood the need to make changes as to keep things fair between scenes.

With that in mind, it is understandable that the organizers would feel the need to create an event that caters to one of their biggest titles, second only to Street Fighter V; this allows for even coverage of every game at the main CEO event while still providing the full Smash experience for competitors. The change also allows for more titles to be included in the event lineup, as Jebailey has expressed an interest in bringing games such as Brawlhalla and Rivals of Aether into the mix.

Jebailey later Tweeted that the new event would not remove Smash from CEO 2017, which will take place June 16-18 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort for a seventh and final year. However, it is currently up in the air as to whether or not Smash will be steadily migrated away from CEO’s main event in the future.

“I don’t expect a Smash-focused CEO to be huge in its first year,” said Jebailey in a statement given to Yahoo Esports, “For now, Smash will continue to be featured at the main event. If numbers dwindle because of two CEO Smash events in the same year, I can revisit the idea, but (…) If they support CEO, I will continue to support them and provide more opportunities to compete and have fun.”

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