Jacvinjack and @Verdoyance qualify for Red Bull Kumite 2017!

Earlier today at the Salle Wagram in Paris, Red Bull Esports conducted an open qualifier with the goal of filling out the last two slots for Red Bull Kumite’s final 16-man bracket, which will be played out tomorrow. These slots would be occupied by the two players who manage to reach Grand Finals in a pool filled with up to 256 competitors.

We’re happy to announce that Crazy Verdoyance and Hado JacvinJack have qualified for the Kumite finals after a stunning set in Grand Finals! The duo will join fourteen other players who were invited to the invitational in a battle to crown the Red Bull Kumite Champion for this year. With last year’s champion – Infiltration – returning to defend his title, could we see a new king or will history repeat itself?!

Winner of RBK Open Qualifier – Crazy Verdoyance (seen above)

Runner-up of RBK Open Qualifier – Hado JacvinJack (seen above)

Up until the bracket reset in Grand Finals, Verdoyance gradually won the support of the crowd with his mastery of the character Birdie. After taking a 2-0 lead over JacvinJack in Grand Finals, he looked poised to close it out, but a stunning adaptation from Jack suddenly put him in a perilous position…down o-2 in the second set. It appeared that in a battle of grapplers, Laura simply had the upper hand over Birdie.

However, a surprise twist occurred when Verdoyance swapped out his Birdie for F.A.N.G, the character that the community believes to be at the bottom of the barrel despite the few strong players representing him. Before the eyes of the astonished crowd in the Salle Wagram, Verdoyance ran it back three matches straight, overcoming an uphill match-up and his opponent to become the winner of the open qualifier.

Frankly, it’s a match worth checking out. See below for a clip of the Grand Finals!

Full bracket for the Open Qualifier can be found here.

When Red Bull Kumite was first announced earlier this year, it was revealed that fourteen of the world’s best Street Fighter V players would be directly invited to compete in a 16-man bracket at the Salle Wagram, while two other players would fight their way out of the Open Qualifier to join the battle. In case you missed it, below are the fourteen players we will be seeing in action tomorrow:

  • Echo Fox Tokido
  • Qanba Douyu Xiao Hai
  • PR Balrog
  • RB
  • Alienware Nemo
  • Rize Infexious
  • Meltdown Mister Crimson
  • Red Bull Bonchan
  • BX3 Phenom
  • Xyzzy
  • Red Bull Luffy
  • Daigo Umehara
  • Infiltration
  • Gachikun

For those who reside in the Eastern Time Zone, be advised that all scheduling for Red Bull Kumite takes place six hours ahead of your time. For example, the opening ceremony for the RBK finals is scheduled to start at 2:15 P.M. CET, which translates to 8:15 A.M. EST. So if you’d like to tune in for the live broadcast, you’ll want to plan for an early Sunday morning. Full details on the scheduling and stream channels can be found at this page from the RBK website.

Best of luck to tomorrow’s competitors! For more news on Red Bull Kumite, follow this blog and hit up the other pages below:

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