Stream.Me hosts the Injustice Invitational!

If you’ve watched the Week 11 finals for the Kombat Cup, you’ll be familiar with what is said here. If not, then if you’re a DC comics fan, either way, you’re in for a treat!

In light of the building excitement for Injustice 2, we are proud to announce that its predecessor will be the battleground for an Injustice Invitational event, to be played on the Playstation 4!

What is the Injustice Invitational? It’s an attempt to recreate the hype we’ve felt from witnessing Injustice legends in action! Eight players in total will be featured, and out of that number, four have already been invited to throw down on February 8th at 8:00 P.M. EST!

Those four players are as follows:

  • Echo Fox | Sonic Fox
  • YOMI Forever King
  • cR Honeybee
  • Perfect Legend

Who will the other four be? Well…that is another reason why the Kombat Cup holds much significance. In about two weeks from now, the KC Season 1 Finale will take place. You will be able to find out the 8 in the Injustice Invitational as well as the season’s finale resulting in crowning a champion!

A prize pool of $1,000 will be up for grabs in this eight-man bracket! Casters will include Mr Aquaman, who is a returning favorite from the Kombat Cup and KrossUp, and Kitana Prime, the everlasting beacon of energy who has captured the hearts of the entire NRS scene through his efforts as a tournament organizer and commentator!

Also important to note: all bracket matches for the Injustice Invitational will follow a three-out-of-five win condition, pending any possible changes.

Make sure you are following the Kombat Cup’s Stream.Me page because it will house the return of the DC fighting game that has won over much adoration from fans of all ages! Speaking of the Kombat Cup, one more weekly bracket remains before the Season Finale occurs. If you own Mortal Kombat XL along with a PS4, you are invited to join in on the struggle for glory – simply visit this page to sign up!

These next two weeks will bring us a lot of joy, as we hope they will for you as well! Until then, please remember to follow us at our accounts below.

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