Injustice Invitational Bracket Completed and Announced!

Two weeks ago, Stream.Me announced the Injustice Invitational, an event to which eight players would be invited to revive memories of the hype introduced by the first Injustice title. It is set to occur on February 8th and will feature a prize pool of one-thousand dollars.

The last time we spoke about the Injustice Invitational, the first half of the bracket had been revealed to the NRS community. The second half would be revealed during last night’s finale for Kombat Cup Season 1. They are:

  • Noble Jupiter – known for his mastery of Martian Manhunter, he was one of the few Injustice players known for not only his ability to compete with SonicFox’s Batgirl, but also outright defeat him. Whenever either he or Sonic showed up, it was almost a given that either Jupiter would win the tournament or be overcome by the Fox. Interestingly enough, Martian was a character rarely seen in either tournament or casuals despite the fact that he was in a tier of his own.
  • cR Whiteboi – there’s a Doomsday player, and then there is cR Whiteboi, a specialist who carried a unique approach to the character. Given the character’s powerful mix-up option and plus frames, Doomsday players tend to follow a straightforward strategy, yet Whiteboi not only deviated from the norm, he raked in amazing results with his combination of patient play and domination off his knockdowns. Last we recall, he went toe-to-toe with Emperor Theo at West Coast Warzone 4 but was ultimately defeated, yet he receives praise for his astounding ability to compete with the top-tiers.
  • Cossner – whenever Green Arrow is mentioned, Cossner is the first player that comes to mind. One of the few to remain loyal to the character after he was hit repeatedly with the nerf hammer, Cossner’s playstyle is similar to that of a gnat: annoying, but effective. Although his damage output is questionable, Cossner’s style of set-play helps him mitigate that weakness in more ways than one.
  • Decay – his Injustice career would not only lead him down the path of a competitor, it would also open doors for him to become part of the design team for the company of his dreams: Netherrealm Studios. When the DLC character Lobo hit the roster, hope for him was in the pits, but that hope came back after a long list of buffs was applied. Still, Decay was busting open cans of salt before and after the game-changing patch by evolving how the character is played. After a hiatus from the arena, he will return for the Injustice Invitational to relive the game that forever changed his life.

Each of these players have YouTube clips linked to their name. Check ’em out!

These four players will join YOMI Forever King, cR HoneyBee, Echo Fox Sonic Fox and Perfect Legend in ten days from now to give us a throwback to the Injustice 1 days! All matches will be broadcast at the Kombat Cup Stream.Me page, which you are encouraged to follow! Casters will be Mr Aquaman and Kitana Prime.

As much as we understand everyone’s obsession with the Injustice 2 beta, we’d like to reunite the past with the present as a celebration of the memories carved permanently into our hearts. Consider it our way of ringing in the next chapter of the Injustice saga! We hope you guys will tune in when this happens.

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