Injustice 2’s ruleset updated for @EVO 2017!

Shortly after the conclusion of Injustice 2’s bracket at CEO 2017 last weekend, the competitive community expressed their displeasure over how their game would follow a 2/3 win format at Evolution 2017 (which occurs next month at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas), instead of their current standard for 3/5.

When Injustice 2 was first announced as part of the mainstream lineup for EVO, it was set to follow a 2/3 ruleset regardless of the default timer, which was later revealed to be 240 seconds. For months, players pleaded with Mr. Wizard to adopt NRS’s 3/5 standard for their game, but due to “time constraints” he refused to budge.

At one point, Mr Wizard pointed to the duration of Injustice 2’s finals at CEO as justification for his decision. The finals lasted a total of three hours according to data from CEO, although he’d been given an incorrect report that the finals lasted for four hours and thirty minutes instead. Still, the correction didn’t seem to yield any more result as the community persisted in their determination to see a change to the ruleset.

Finally, Mr Wizard offered a compromise: if the Injustice 2 community were willing to adopt a 180-second timer for each match, he would be willing to grant their request for a 3/5 win condition. For further clarification, it means that all sets would be a race to three wins instead of just two. The players immediately agreed.

For those awaiting the outcome of Mr Wizard’s deliberation on the matter, he has updated Injustice 2’s ruleset at! However, he states that this is a “temporary” decision, implying that a final judgment has yet to be reached, but thus far this appears to be a step in the direction desired by the Injustice community.

The player base appears to be split on their opinions regarding the default timer for Injustice 2 matches. Given the slow pace of the game, some consider 240 seconds to be overkill as it could lead to extended periods of passive play, but others argue in favor of the timer as they find excitement in the tension that leads up to the moment where a player makes a decision. With this change for the sake of EVO, there’s no telling if future tournaments will follow suit or stick with 240 seconds. Make of it what you will.

Something else to note: as of now, Injustice 2 will not conclude on Sunday of the EVO weekend, but rather on Saturday evening, much to the displeasure of the competitive community. As of now, nothing has changed regarding the scheduling.

Will the timer change be final or reverted? We will update you should we learn more. Until then, keep in mind that players can still register for EVO 2017 before the deadline of June 30th. Players wishing to spectate for the finals on Sunday will need to purchase a separate ticket for Mandalay via the AXS website. The event itself occurs on July 14 – 16, 2017.

Concerned about affording a Sunday ticket? Mr Wizard has announced a $20 discount for all such tickets for a limited period of time! We suggest you take advantage of this opportunity before the window closes!

One more thing to note: followers of the Injustice 2 Pro Series will be interested to know that EVO 2017 was added to the league as of last month. Players will be able to compete not only for league points, but also for a staggering $50,000 pot bonus…wow. A LOT of money. So if you play Injustice 2 and are able to make this event, we can’t recommend it enough!

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