Injustice 2 World Championship by @EL, coming this October!

It’s not another season for Street Fighter V (though we are hoping it happens), but it seems that ELEAGUE has decided to continue its trek through the FGC’s corner of esports…by announcing a world championship event for Injustice 2 to be broadcast on the Internet and on the TBS network!

This October, stars will be born while others must die.

Details on how ELEAGUE will run Injustice 2 are scarce at this time, so we don’t know if the event will be classed as an invitational or as an open bracket event. However, you can follow ELEAGUE at their Twitter and official website to be among the first to know the answers to this question!

ELEAGUE is an esports company stationed primarily in Atlanta, brought to you by Turner and WME IMG. Just last month, we witnessed the conclusion to an amazing invitational consisting of thirty-two of the world’s best Street Fighter V players. PG Punk ultimately took the win after being sent to Loser’s Bracket by Phenom’s Necalli only to make a drastic recovery in Grand Finals. Every corner of their tournament has been filled with surprises that left minds shattered beyond repair (in a good way, of course!).

Check out their YouTube page if you missed out on the SFV invitational and would like to catch up.

Four months later, they will be taking the party over to Injustice 2! Like with Street Fighter V, players can tune in on either TBS or their PC to enjoy a world championship consisting of the best Injustice 2 players! The question is, who will make the cut?

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