Injustice 2 Tutorial Video on Strings and Notations by @ultradavid

UltraDavid has released a second tutorial video for beginners or veterans from other games looking to get into Injustice 2. This clip covers how to translate input notations for NRS games as well as understanding the mechanics of their combo strings.

As a quick little breakdown, input notations for NRS games abide by the following legend:

  • 1 – Light Attack. “X” for Xbox One and “square” for PS4.
  • 2 – Medium Attack. “Y” for Xbox One and “triangle” for PS4.
  • 3 – Heavy Attack. “A” for Xbox One and “x” for PS4.
  • 4 – Character Power. “B” for Xbox One and “circle” for PS4.
  • d – down.
  • u – up.
  • b – backwards.
  • f – forwards.

Inputs will sometimes be grouped together to indicate simultaneous button presses within the same instance. For instance, if you want to do an attack that involves holding up before pressing square, you would write such an input as “U1.” For combo strings, you simply group them all together and dial it onto your controller as you would a phone. As an example, one of Batman’s strings is three hits and done as follows:

  • “back-square, square, triangle” would be written as “B112.”

Special moves are written similarly. They usually require two directional inputs before an attack button. There are some exceptions to the rule, such as Harley, but we’ll not delve into that. Here’s an example of how to write the input notation for Batman’s Straight Grapple:

  • “down-forward-square” would be written as “DF1.”

Since strings can be cancelled into special moves, when writing the notation you would simply take out the part of the string you are replacing with a special move and write the special’s notation instead. For example, you want to cancel one of Batman’s strings into his Batarang projectile? Write it as follows:

  • “square, square, triangle, Batarang” would be written as “112BF2.”

The video in this post also goes over how combo strings work in NRS games. As mentioned in this article, you don’t link normals into one another as you would in Street Fighter, at least not the “traditional” way. Normals do link into one another in NRS games, but as true strings rather than timing your inputs. This can be confusing if you are not a veteran from NRS games, but fortunately, UltraDavid provides clarify on the subject while also discussing how jump-in attacks are utilized in Injustice 2.

Feel free to watch the video for further clarification. Still have questions? Reach out to UltraDavid on Twitter.

We hope you are enjoying Injustice 2!