Injustice 2 to be cast at Insomnia60 by @PNDKetchup and @PNDMustard

Injustice 2 will not be officially released until May 16th, but if you live in the United Kingdom you’re gonna get an opportunity to play the game before it actually comes out!

How, you ask? See below.

That’s right, UK FGC – Injustice 2 will be seeing its first pre-release tournament at Insomnia60 next weekend! The event is four days in length and will take place at the NEC venue in Birmingham (NOT to be confused with the NEC major hosted by BigEGaming). You’ll also get to partake in giveaways on social media and at the event itself to win some amazing merchandise! Make sure you follow the WBGames UK Twitter account for more details as they come.

Additionally, it was confirmed three days ago that two of the NRS scene’s most beloved casters, PND Ketchup and PND Mustard, will be present at the event next Saturday to commentate live exhibitions for Injustice 2!


If you’ve played the Injustice 2 Online Beta, it may not surprise you to know that both of these chaps have been populating their YouTube page with some commentary for I2 exhibitions. Included among these clips is a video of SonicFox and Slayer racing to ten wins in the beta, with the view count approaching 200,000 clicks! Check it out.

Since the days of MK9, the duo have been embraced for their top-notch commentary. In fact, they drew so much attention that they appeared on ESL to cast the three seasons of the MKX Pro League as well as the EU Challenger Cups. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from them on the mic again next weekend!

If you are a participant at Insomnia60, you could be selected to compete against fellow players for the chance to win some Injustice 2 merchandise and perhaps a 500gb Playstation 4 console! These exhibitions will go live at 16:00 UK Time next Saturday, so make sure you grab your tickets! Visit the Insomnia website for more information.

We’re detracting from the FGC content a bit here, but if you so happen to be Zelda fanatics, you’ll be pleased to know that ZeldaSymphony is coming to TheNEC that weekend to host a 70-piece orchestra. Make sure to get your tickets and follow ZeldaSymphony on Twitter!

Can you think of a better way to celebrate Easter?! 😀

Don’t forget to give the PND twins a follow at their Twitter accounts as well as Insomnia’s!

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