Injustice 2 Patch Notes for August Update

Injustice 2 players, the August update has gone live! When you boot up your PS4 and/or Xbox One, you should see a download file for Version 1.07, measured at 1.005 GB.

If you’ll recall, the NRS team provided us with a preview of the changes to come via their Watchtower stream last week. From watching the demonstration, the nature of their new approach to balance adjustments came to light. One of the chief complaints from their previous approach is that the patches came much faster than was preferred by the competitive player base, forcing them to adjust on the fly in between major events such as Combo Breaker, CEO and Evolution.

In response to this concern, they chose to hold off on adjusting the core stats of each character for until the end of EVO, instead keeping their updates confined to bug fixes and stability improvements. While the Injustice 2 Pro Series has yet to reach its end, with another character entering the battlefield soon – Starfire, to be specific – now may be a good time to welcome a balance patch.

The goal of this patch was not to drastically readjust the meta that’s been established thus far in Injustice 2, but rather to reel the higher tier characters back in while giving the lower tiers a love tap. However, a portion of the roster received no changes, as the NRS team felt that these characters were either under-explored or performed to their standards.

Below is a list of the characters that have received no changes:

  • Blue Beetle
  • Cyborg
  • Darkseid (his only change is a bug fix)
  • Harley Quinn (she merely got another bug fix)
  • Firestorm (also got a bug fix)
  • The Joker (also got a bug fix)
  • Green Lantern
  • Green Arrow
  • Scarecrow
  • Sub-Zero

Additionally, if you recall, the June and July updates introduced a series of changes to characters that were not applicable in competitive mode. This is now readjusted so that a portion of the updates will apply to competitive mode. That said, not all changes of this nature were enabled for competitive play. See below to learn of the changes that have been applied:

  1. Atrocitus – additional damage added after Napalm Vomit attacks inside of a combo will now use the correct combo damage scaling
  2. Bane – Mercenary’s Elbow when meter-burned will no longer do unscaled damage
  3. Black Adam – Adjusted Air Boot Stomp ability to be able to cross up when an opponent was in the corner
  4. Brainiac – If a Beta Strike Character Power is active when a throw escape occurs, it is destroyed
  5. Captain Cold – No longer continues to gain Character Power meter if transitioned while holding Cyclotron Charge
  6. Superman – Air Heat Vision follow up from Rising Grab is now a hard knockdown to prevent it from being punishable on hit in certain circumstances

Before we link the full notes, see below for the general fixes to gameplay applied by the August update:

  • General stability improvements
  • Many move list corrections
  • Fixed some currency/mother box exploits
  • Many improvements to the stability of King of the Hill
  • Improvements to AI logic
  • Attacks that collide with a Roll Escape’s invulnerability now act as if they have missed (previously this acted as a block)
  • Flip Stance button can no longer activate a roll when you are knocked down
  • Medium Attack and Heavy Attack can no longer activate a roll when you are knocked down with Button Shortcuts On in controller settings
  • Fixed a one frame window in which diagonals could be used for specials when performing a cancel or wakeup attack with Input Shortcuts set to Off
  • Holding directions no longer stores that direction in the buffer for dashing with Alternate Controls set to On
  • Fixed some rare occurrences of a match extension that would not cause both players to be reset to neutral
  • Fix for a one frame window that could cause a dash in the wrong direction if the opponent has just performed a teleport
  • Fixed issues with visual effects not disappearing correctly after being evaded by a projectile immune move
  • Fixed bug causing some non-projectile attacks being able to be avoided by projectile immune moves in rare circumstances
  • Improved hotfix data application to apply right after boot when available
  • There is now an Overflow Warning which notifies the player when their overflow is full
  • Added icons to show when playing with Competitive  Mode On or in Tournament Mode to the gameplay HUD
  • Improved display of Daily Challenges in the Main Menu

To see the complete patch notes for the August update, simply visit this link from the WBGames Community forums!

Unfortunately, for those hoping to see a glimpse of Starfire at the character select screen before she becomes available for purchase, her character portrait has not been added to the game via the August update. Aside from the fact that she will join the roster this month, we have no details on the exact release date at this time.

Injustice 2 is now available for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Keep up with our blog and the pages below to stay updated on the highly successful sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us!

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