Injustice 2 News Inbound & Pre-Order Bonus!

A couple days ago, hints of news on Injustice 2 were dropped via the official Playstation and InjusticeGame Twitter accounts. Not much was mentioned other than a date as to when such news would be coming, specifically the 17th of January. Teaser images were also shared through both Twitters…see below!

What on Earth could these images mean…? Hints of Story Mode, perhaps? From the silhouette in the first image, we appear to see Supergirl descending into a haze thrown up by the apparent destruction of a city. The second showcases Superman holding an unidentifiable woman in his arms.

While you take your time figuring things out, here’s a helping of hype to go with your feast. Maximilian Dood has recently unearthed a surprise that DC fans have yearned to see since Injustice 1! See his Twitter post below.

Apparently, by pre-ordering your copy of Injustice 2, you will be able to play as Darkseid, one of the most highly requested characters from the Injustice fanbase! It’s not too different from what was done with Goro for Mortal Kombat X, except that he became accessible to the entire player base upon the launch of XL so we expect to see a similar fate for Darkseid. Speculation for his moveset is exploding among fans everywhere!

The above image reveals that this pre-order was discovered via the Playstation Network. It is not clear if Xbox One and PC owners will receive the same benefit, although it is highly unlikely that they will not since Goro was the pre-order bonus across all platforms in 2015.

With this discovery, we can’t help but wonder if Darkseid will be part of what’s in store for us in three days. Perhaps we’ll get a glimpse of his gameplay?!

What are your thoughts, readers? Please let us know in your comments – and don’t forget to make sure you’ve got time to get treated on the 17th! 🙂