Injustice 2 League hosted by @CleanKillGG begins May 24th

There is quite the number of tournaments ready to celebrate Injustice 2’s launch next week. This post will highlight one such event hosted by one of our partners called Clean Kill, an eSports organization based primarily in North America.

Later this month, Clean Kill will be launching their own INJ2 league to coincide with War of the Gods. The series was initially scheduled for every Saturday, but it’s since been relocated to Wednesday of every week to avoid conflicting with War of the Gods. In exchange, however, the league will now have a $600 pot bonus up for grabs!

The league will last for seven weeks, concluding with a finale that will take place on July 12th! Due to input from the community, Clean Kill will be running their league online on the Playstation 4 console. The Top 16 of every week will receive league points that will improve their chances of qualifying for the finale, which will consist of the Top 8 on the leaderboards. As of now, over 160 players have signed up for the first week.

How to enter? It’s quite simple! Visit their Smash.GG page and follow the rules outlined there. Entry is completely free.

The broadcasts will take place at CleanKill’s Stream.Me page, every Wednesday at 9:30 P.M. Eastern Time. Be sure to follow it so you don’t miss out!

Since they’ve partnered with us, CleanKill has produced an amazing team full of players who add to the quality of competitive gaming every day. Make sure to follow the crew at their Twitter account!

Best of luck to all the players who plan to compete!