Injustice 2 Character Reveals coming March 9 AND March 13!

As the weeks go by, the NRS team continues to fill in the blanks for Injustice 2’s launch roster before the big release on May 16th. We now have release dates confirmed not for one, but two big character reveals, one of which will occur under very special circumstances…

First, according to the official Injustice website, we will learn about the next character this Thursday. In addition to the $5K pot bonus that is going into Final Round for Mortal Kombat XL this weekend, NRS players will be solving the riddle about our next fighter (Riddler confirmed for Injustice 2? We hope so!).

Another reveal will follow on March 13th, but as mentioned before, the NRS team will be straying from the norm in an effort to add to your excitement over their product. Next Monday at 10 A.M. CST, the UpUpDownDown crew will pay us a visit to divulge the next mystery fighter for the game!

Who are these guys?

UpUpDownDown is a crew consisting of WWE superstars led by Austin Creed a.k.a. Xavier Woods. These guys will occasionally dip their feet into the gaming puddle to share the latest news with you via their YouTube channel. With the world becoming more aware of the rise of esports, it’s remarkable to note how icons from other realms of competition are taking notice and even involving themselves!

This is far from the first time Xavier has stepped outside of the ring to pick up a controller. Watch his Street Fighter V exhibition with Kenny Omega from last year’s Community Effort Orlando!

Has your favorite character made it into Injustice 2 yet? If not, keep an eye on their pages next Monday and your wishes may finally be realized.

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