Injustice 2 Character Breakdowns for Cheetah and Swamp Thing

Yesterday, NetherRealm Studios returned to the Watchtower to showcase gameplay demonstrations for two more cast members from Injustice 2. One of them has already been demonstrated via a gameplay clip at IGN’s channel, but the other character would be a surprise for the eager fans.

This breakdown covers Swamp Thing and Cheetah, both of whom function as grappler characters. However, they both have their own approaches to the archetype, as you’ll soon discover.

After watching the archives, we’ve compiled notes about both characters to share with you. If you plan to invest time into these characters when the game drops, you will want to be armed with knowledge. Read on to learn about what we’ve observed from Swamp Thing and Cheetah.

A quick note: Injustice follows a specific notation for its inputs. See below for a guide on how to understand these notations.

  • 1 = Light Attack
  • 2 = Medium Attack
  • 3 = Heavy Attack
  • 4 = Character Power
  • D = down
  • S = standing
  • U = up
  • B = back
  • F = forward

Swamp Thing

  • his D3 sweep attack hits twice and can be cancelled on the first hit.
  • his B2 normal is an advancing attack that is handy for whiff punishing. It also leads into a variety of strings, each of which has a different property.
  • his F2 normal leads into either two overheads or a low. It appears to be possible to react to this mix-up with practice.
  • his S3 is a multi-hitting attack with tremendous range. It causes a knockdown on hit.
  • his jump attacks have extremely good range.
  • he has a two-hitting stomp attack with both hits connecting as lows.
  • his F3 and B3 launchers have very slow start-up but incredible range.
  • his Log Kick special attack sends out a tree trunk that hits low. It travels about halfway across the screen before it disappears.
  • the hitboxes for his command grabs do not include the entire animation. You can step past the location where the grab would launch you and not be affected. If you are caught in that range, you will be launched for tremendous damage.
  • jumps tend to be effective against grapplers, but Swamp Thing has an air grab that serves as an answer to these strategies. Be cautious when trying to jump away from his command grabs.
  • Swamp Thing has an anti-air special attack where branches immediately sprout from his body. Launches if meter-burned. Also serves as a good wake-up and anti cross-up attack.
  • his crouching animation takes half his body underground.
  • his character power generates a garden that will prevent the opponent from dashing or jumping if they stand inside it, and they also take damage if they continue to stand in the garden. However, Swamp Thing can only use this while grounded, and he can only expand the garden by continuing to walk. If he jumps, the garden becomes ineffective.
  • his throw animation summons a clone of himself that smacks the opponent right back into his attack range.
  • Swamp Thing can summon a clone to harass anybody from a distance. If meter-burned, the tracking is improved and Swamp Thing will immediately close in on the opponent for a follow-up attack that knocks them down.
  • his Super Attack hits low. Animation for it is pretty cool!
  • to complement his ranged grab, Swamp Thing has an up-close grab attack that leads into a lot of possibilities for as long as he has meter. He can inflict damage and leave the opponent standing afterwards, or he can switch sides. He can even burn a bar to heal himself, but in doing so, the damage to his follow-ups decreases. If he heals himself and then lets the opponent go afterwards, he loses advantage.


  • she has a variety of combo strings that yield all sorts of mix-up possibilities. These include lows, overheads and even throw attacks. Like with Bo’ Rai Cho from MKX, you’ll need to fight this character a lot to be familiar with the properties behind her strings.
  • one of her attacks allows her to either restand the opponent or knock them down. You can also choose to switch sides or send the opponent full-screen.
  • her up-close game is very mix-up heavy, but none of them launch for combos. Nevertheless, a resourceful Cheetah will be able to fluster you when applying these mix-ups.
  • one of her specials is a command grab that can be meter-burned to launch the opponent.
  • she has another grab attack that strikes crouching opponents.
  • she has a rising pounce attack that will serve as her primary wake-up. If you spend a bar, she will strike the opponent for extra damage.
  • her Predator Pounce special allows her to leap across the screen at varying ranges. She can perform any of her jump attacks as she’s descending from her jump, and all of these attacks are incredibly good. The pounce can also be cancelled to bait reactions from the opponent.
  • her jump-2 attack hits twice, and her jump-3 has incredible range and active frames.
  • similar to Tanya from MKX, Cheetah can perform an air dive that knocks the opponent down. She can do so off of any jump at any timing. On hit, she will switch sides.
  • her F3 attack starts up quickly and hits twice. Both attacks connect as overheads.
  • her B3 launcher comes with great range.
  • her character power will apply a damage boost to any of her attacks that involve her claws…which includes a large portion of her moveset. However, Cheetah suffers a lot of recovery when applying her trait, so we advise you to use it from a distance or after a knockdown in order to take full advantage.
  • her Super Attack travels across the screen before striking the opponent. As a character that thrives at close range, Cheetah doesn’t do so well from full-screen until she fills up all of her meter.
  • her forward dash appears to have little recovery, making it useful for approaching the opponent.

If you would like to watch the breakdown yourself, we’ve included a YouTube video for your convenience.

According to the official Injustice website, the next character is expected to be revealed next week on March 23rd. Make sure to bookmark it so you don’t miss out!

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