Information on @InjusticeGame 2’s DLC will be shared at 8 A.M. CDT tomorrow!

The release of Injustice 2 is now twelve days away, yet so far, all we know about the DLC is that there will be nine new fighters joining the roster after its initial launch. Until today, the identities of none of these characters have been dropped.

But tomorrow at 8:00 A.M. CDT, that will finally change…see this Twitter post from NRS’s creative director, Ed Boon.

The question is, will all of the DLC be revealed at once or just a portion? Stay tuned for more details…

Keep in mind that if you preorder the Ultimate Edition package for $99.99, you will not need to purchase the DLC characters separately as they will be immediately available to you once they are released. If you can’t quite afford that package, consider the Digital Deluxe Edition which will make the first three DLC fighters free of charge for you, at a slightly lower cost. For more details, visit this page from the Injustice website.

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