INFO: #KrossUp starts TODAY!!! #PlayKI

It’s almost time, killers!

Have you signed up for KrossUp’s first weekly bracket? If not, you have until 5 P.M. EST today, Saturday 1/14/2017 to do so! The bracket will go live at 6 P.M. via KrossUp’s official Stream.Me page, found here.

Visit this page at Smash.GG to submit your registration! Be advised that you must be at least seventeen years of age and a resident in North America to compete. League points will be awarded to the Top 16 while cash prizes go to the Top 4. A $4,000 prize pool will be distributed across all brackets including the season finale!

All weekly brackets will occur online on Saturdays barring some exceptions, with the Season Finale set for Sunday, April 2nd. Please see this page to read up on the scheduling for each bracket so you can plan accordingly.

Players wishing to broadcast their matches on KrossUp may do so provided they use the Stream.Me service. The use of any other services to share their gameplay is not permitted.

As of now, 120 killers have signed up for the first bracket! To give you an idea of the competition you can expect, read on for excerpts on four of the players who have left a huge impact on Killer Instinct’s competitive lifespan.

If you need help on how works then please check out this link for all matters relating to check in and match processing.

F3 Sleep – one of the longtime veterans since the Season 1 days of Killer Instinct. Initially Sleep started with Glacius, but made the jump to Kan-Ra upon his arrival in Season 2. He would go on to level up and massacre the competition online and offline, eventually qualifying for the Killer Instinct World Cup last year. Later in 2016, he would be crowned the EVO champion by defeating UA Bass with a surprise Gargos. From recent Twitter posts, he’s been training with Rico Suave (the EVO 2015 champion) in preparation for the next World Cup in March. As if the KI scene didn’t have enough reason to be wary of him already!

Despite what his name may suggest, don’t sleep on him (sorry for the unintended pun) or you could experience what happened when he faced C88 MyGod back in EVO 2015. See the video below.

Circa Nicky – formerly known as NickyVengenz, he is also a veteran whose KI career dates back to the launch of Season 1, but his interest didn’t truly peak until the release of Fulgore in 2014. Then enter Season 2, when Nicky took his skills offline for the ultimate test. While no tournament wins were forthcoming, his placings were so consistent that players never thought to dismiss him. He earned his right to compete in the Killer Instinct World Cup by winning a last-minute qualifier at its venue in San Antonio. His momentum has not deteriorated in Season 3, although he has run into a frustrating obstacle by the name of BH Thompxson who has consistently gate-kept him with his top-notch Jago. While Nicky has successfully qualified for this year’s World Cup, his determination to outdo Thompxson has not faltered in the slightest.

Check out this footage of his lengthy Grand Finals set with Thompxson at Combo Breaker 2016!

UA Bass – a devoted Spinal specialist since the Season 1 days, Bass quickly rose through the ranks to become the most fearsome competitor in Season 2, winning a majority of its offline tournaments. His feats include a Top 8 finish at last year’s Killer Instinct World Cup, further validating Ultra Arcade’s decision to place their faith in his results. Spinal underwent a drastic reworking for the launch of Season 3, prompting Bass to explore other characters, but players continue to get caged by his Spinal’s chaotic setplay. He has recently triumphed at December’s Kombo Klash in San Antonio by running it back in Grand Finals with a fellow Spinal named Raven is Raw, thereby cementing Bass’s return to the World Cup this year.

Here’s a look at the Kombo Klash 2016 Grand Finals! Keep watching for a post-match interview.

Rico Suave – of all the players’ accomplishments in competitive Killer Instinct, this man’s resume may very well put all others to shame. Throughout Season 1, he trained consistently with EVO 2014 champion CDjr, and the two were among the most feared threats online and offline. He would take his friend’s place as the EVO champion in 2015, after which he disappeared into the shadows save for an occasional appearance online. He returned to defend his throne at the Killer Instinct World Cup in 2016, dispelling all doubts that he was truly the best Killer Instinct player to ever do it. However, his interest temporarily diminished around the time Season 3 dropped, but according to F3 Sleep’s Twitter…he is preparing for the next World Cup, and he is coming for blood.

Here’s a flashback at the Top 8 finals for last year’s World Cup!

While only four of the players have been mentioned, that does not mean that nobody else is a threat to them tomorrow. In fact, one of the magical things about competitive Killer Instinct is that results are almost never consistent. Online and offline, new names are emerging to hold their own against the legends! As such, be prepared for upsets.

Think you’ve got what it takes? We welcome you to test your skills! Good luck, and FIGHT ON!