Immortals to Enter the 2017 Season With Dardoch, Flame, Cody Sun

After an arguably disappointing first year in the LCS, and an incredibly shaky November as the roster began to fall to pieces, there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel for Immortals fans.

The change in tone began on Wednesday when the organization announced that Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett had signed a three-year contract as their jungler shortly after it was revealed that he had left Team Liquid after just a little over a year of being with the organization. Replacing Jason “WildTurtle” Tran as AD Carry, who was recently announced to have rejoined Team SoloMid, is rookie Cody “Cody Sun” Sun, formerly known as Massacre and previously a player on Dream Team’s NACS roster. As Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon plunges into the LCK on SK Telecom T1’s legendary lineup, former Longzhu Gaming top laner Lee “Flame” Ho-jong will be stepping in to fill his position on the roster. Eugene “Pobelter” Park was confirmed to be the only member of the 2016 lineup to stay with Immortals, continuing as the team’s mid laner.

At present, there have been no announcements or teaser posts made about who will be replacing Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin as the team’s jungler. Additionally, there is no word on whether or not Immortals will move forward with Chad “HISTORY TEACHER” Smeltz as the team’s sole coach, or if they have set their sights on who will be filling the head coach and assistant coach positions left vacant by Dylan “Dylan” Falco and Jesse “Jesiz” Le, respectively.

It’s very likely that more announcements will roll out as the lock-ins for the 2017 LCS Spring Split come close but, as things currently stand, it’s clear that Immortals is looking to take a completely new approach to their second season. The organization is taking more than a small chance by committing three full years to Dardoch as it is, who has a history of attitude problems that and made his short-lived career with Team Liquid shaky at best, but taking on a rookie like Cody Sun at the same time, who has only played a total of 32 games and failed to qualify for the 2017 NA LCS Spring Promotion with a team that later disbanded, almost feels like Immortals is intentionally pulling a wildcard to see how things turn out.

Granted, both the of above mentioned can perform in their own ways and, as Team SoloMid’s Vincent “Biofrost” Wang proved, being new to the LCS doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re destined to fail like an infant trying to take his first steps. The major concern on everyone’s minds right now is if it’s such a good idea to put a player with so little experience on the same team as a player that, in just two years of competitive play, has established notoriety for lashing out and tilting hard. Meanwhile, Flame missed out on crucial experience in 2016 when he was forced to share his time on the stage with his teammate, as Longzhu Gaming fields a ten-man roster that actively swapped out players, where he lost the majority of games played.

To put it simply, it’s not the most solid lineup that Immortals could have organized. It most certainly isn’t composed of poor players, rather, it means that the entire roster will have to make a conscious effort to overcome difficulties that a more stable team would have an easier time facing. Immortals will have plenty of time for this, however, when they travel to South Korea to boot camp and try out support candidates.

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