IGN Releases a Gameplay Walkthrough for Swamp Thing

An in-depth gameplay review for Swamp Thing has been shared via IGN. The video includes a voiceover from NRS’s community manager, Tyler Lansdown, who gives a thorough description about each of the character’s abilities in battle.

From watching the video, Swamp Thing appears to fit well into the grappler archetype while presenting a unique approach to that style of gameplay. His command grabs cover a great deal of range, forcing opponents to stay mobile when playing footsies against him. He also comes with the ability to produce a clone of himself, which augments his combo ability and allows him to anti-zone the opponent.

As well, one of his special attacks involves planting a garden on the stage. If the opponent steps into this garden, they cannot dash or jump, thus making them more vulnerable to Swamp Thing’s grab attacks.

We are truly eager to see how players will max out this character’s potential when he becomes available to play, but that won’t happen for another three months now that the beta is closed. So we recommend you make a pre-order for Injustice 2 when you have the time!

Also, we’d like to remind you that NRS will be doing a gameplay review for two other cast members returning to the series: Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. See this post for details.

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