HW xXHOLOGRAMXx wins KrossUp Week 6!

With Final Round and the KI World Cup behind us, we’d like to take a moment to go over what happened in Week 6 of the KrossUp series!

Props go out to UA Charbok for earning his first Top 8 in KrossUp, but sadly he had to leave before being able to play his quarterfinals match. As a result, his teammate UA Bass, who makes his long-awaited return to the KrossUp finals, automatically advances to semifinals.

That said, here are the results! If you’d like to watch the action, simply check out our archive here.

Raven is Raw makes his sixth appearance in Top 8 to take on a newcomer named BH Truthx, who happens to share Raven’s main while also packing a pocket Cinder and General RAAM. As he’s apparently not fond of the mirror, he decides to fluster Raven with Cinder instead. The first match ends in possibly the most crushing way for a player to lose…a Perfect KO. Faith in Raven had pretty much run dry after that loss, but his recovery in the second and third games restored that faith for his fans. Truth Shadow Counters a skull projectile in an effort to retaliate, but Raven spends another skull to cancel that projectile with a teleport and punish his opponent big-time. With Raven sitting on a 2-1 lead, Truth resurrects his General RAAM in an effort to reclaim control. With RAAM’s meter maximized, Truth reacts to Raven’s back-jump with his Instinct and tries to anti-air, but the attempt fails and leaves him open to the game-winning combo. Raven’s victory is a sign of an admirable recovery from such a heavy loss in the opening match, and it’s that victory that propels him into the semifinals!

The next match welcomes another newcomer to the KrossUp arena, as HW xXHOLOGRAMXx (Thunder) takes on UA Wheels’s Gargos. Hologram’s whiffs are all covered by his trusty DP, leaving Wheels with little opportunity to punish him. Wheels tries to test him with the Izuna Drop only for Hologram to react with an Instinct dash and then punish with a Shadow Call of the Earth that leads into a Flipout restand. Hologram is beaten down to his last pixel, but an unwise use of Instinct leaves him open to another Shadow Call of the Earth which would begin a comeback sequence for Hologram. Sadly, this sequence would be cut short by a scuffle with Wheels’s minion. Nevertheless, Hologram proceeds to take the third match in a semi-convincing fashion to take a 2-1 lead in the set. Wheels cautiously decides to make a switch to Orchid, but he is unable to create any opening with the femme fatale whatsoever. The game eventually comes to a stand-off with Wheels tossing grenades from a distance while Hologram keeps out of his reach. A desperate effort to approach goes horribly wrong and Hologram closes it out to meet up with Raven in the semifinals.

Next, STDx Rebelo (TJ Combo) would meet with F3 Sleep (ARIA) for a runback that is very much desired. In their last encounter, Rebelo had taken a 2-0 lead after taking out Sleep’s Arbiter and Maya, but when ARIA hit the map, he was completely at a loss on what to do. Sleep took advantage of his weakness in the match-up to run back their first set and win 3-2. Unfortunately for Rebelo, he appears to be just as unprepared as he was during Week 5, as he finds himself completely unable to defend against any of Sleep’s vortex set-ups. But given ARIA’s fragility, Rebelo’s able to deplete life bars with just one command grab or Powerline, and Sleep consistently eats the grab instead of risking damage from the Powerline. As well, Rebelo continuously times his DP linkers to hit less often during juggles in order to trick Sleep into breaking with the wrong inputs, but eventually Sleep figures out the strategy and disrupts his combo game. With Rebelo’s Instinct gone, he crosses the screen with a fake Powerline to go for another command grab, but Sleep reacts with Instinct and then with a Shadow DP to eliminate his opponent from KrossUp.

Semifinals kicks off with HW xXHOLOGRAMXx literally flying through Raven is Raw’s frame traps thanks to his Instinct granting him temporary invincibility. But while Wheels suffered in punishing his whiffs, Raven finds more success in tagging Hologram’s DPs during landing recovery, forcing the Thunder specialist to play slightly more conservatively until he is able to force his offense onto the opponent. Raven is not shy about trying to neutral jump while in Thunder’s face in an effort to avoid the command grabs, but this leaves him open to Hologram’s Triplax openers. Raven’s neutral gradually dwindles out, leaving him open to Hologram’s consecutive DP attacks. Raven amasses a life lead in the second game and looks set to close it out until a lock-out happens, allowing Hologram to cash out a lot of damage before following his Shadow Call of the Earth with another DP that finishes off the skeletal warrior. Hologram sweeps through the set 3-0, earning him a well-deserved spot in his first Grand Finals.

The second half of semifinals bears witness to a match-up with quite the history behind it. The last known occasion where F3 Sleep (ARIA) and UA Bass (Cinder) squared off offline was at EVO 2016, where Sleep defeated his opponent with Gargos to become the Killer Instinct EVO champion. But with a new meta and new characters in their corners, expectations ran high for the two titans. Sleep outright shuts down Bass’s aerial Trailblazers to prevent him from invading his territory, but his OKI suffers as he is repeatedly clipped by the fire pillar from Bass’s Fireflash wake-up attack. Bass tries to time a Shadow Counter to escape ARIA’s offense only to be punished by the cyborg’s assists. His only means of initiating offense is to lob his bombs from a distance, but Sleep is quick to rid himself of that annoyance. However, Sleep is caught switching his bodies at the wrong time and therefore left open to Bass’s counter-attack. While Bass is somewhat more successful at defending against ARIA’s vortex than Rebelo was, he cannot repel Sleep’s offense forever and is eventually forced into the corner, but he escapes with a combo breaker and then checks Sleep’s retreat with an upper Trailblazer. To minimize his losses, Sleep takes the lead and then retreats full-screen so that Bass cannot hope to catch him. With one final hit-confirm, Sleep eliminates Bass 3-0 to reclaim his place in the KrossUp Grand Finals!

Three times now, F3 Sleep has made Grand Finals without winning the tournament. Against HW xXHOLOGRAMXx (Thunder), he would get a fourth opportunity to redeem himself. But rather than trusting his ARIA, Sleep switches to his Kilgore. The game starts and immediately Sleep is at the mercy of his opponent. He tries repeatedly to DP his way out of the Flip-outs only to be put back into the blender. Eventually, he finds an escape route and begins applying his zoning game with lock-on missiles and machine guns. However, Hologram patiently waits for his chance to come in and then punishes Sleep for his complacency. That patience rapidly decreases when Sleep lands a very damaging combo that leaves Hologram sitting at full-screen. His attempts to jump past the zoning meet with failure leaving him with one health bar against Sleep’s two. Yet, an amazing sequence takes place when Hologram finally closes the distance and subjects Sleep to a mix-up of Triplax attacks and command grabs. With both players now sitting at equal health, Hologram continues knocking Sleep onto his back and eventually goes for a jab check, but this leaves him open to a wakeup Shadow DP. In an effort to make up for this setback, Hologram throws out another DP followed by a dropkick, but Sleep blocks it and punishes his foe with a game-winning Ultra Combo.

With both players sitting on a win apiece, the stakes are rising to an all-time high. The third game barely makes it past ten seconds when Hologram lands a deadly Counter Breaker on his adversary, reducing his first health bar to extremely low levels. Another Counter Breaker off a launcher finishes the job and Hologram uses the downtime mid-match to force his opponent into the corner. Sleep quickly escapes and tries to smother his opponent, but fails to punish a reversal Shadow DP from Hologram, thereby costing him his momentum. Sleep jumps in and tries to pester him with repeated crouch normals only for Hologram to blow up his blockstring with a Shadow Counter. The Thunder specialist now sits on tournament point as Sleep ponders how to adjust his approach for a more effective result. Sleep cancels his normals with lock-on missiles to trap his opponent in an offensive loop, but Hologram finds a gap where he can punish Sleep with his DP yet again. The two begin tussling with one another for control of the air and unfortunately for Sleep, Hologram is continuously winning those exchanges. When Sleep’s mis-timed Shadow Counter is stuffed by a Triplax, his momentum is completely shattered. To seal his victory, Hologram spites Sleep with one more Counter Breaker, followed by…Thunder’s ULTIMATE!

Tournament Placings and Prizes

1st Place: HW xXHOLOGRAMXx
Winnings: $150 and 75 league points

2nd Place: F3 Sleep
Winnings: $100 and 50 league points

3rd/4th Place: Raven is Raw
Winnings: $50 and 25 league points

3rd/4th Place: UA Bass
Winnings: $50 and 25 league points

5th Place: UA Charbok
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: BH Truth
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: STDx Rebelo
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: UA Wheels
Winnings: 10 league points

Match Log


UA Wheels (Gargos): 1 vs. HW xXHOLOGRAMXx (Thunder): 3

Raven is Raw (Spinal): 3 vs. BH Truth (Cinder and General RAAM): 1

F3 Sleep (ARIA): 3 vs. STDx Rebelo (TJ Combo): 0

(due to UA Charbok’s inability to participate, UA Bass advances by default)


HW xXHOLOGRAMXx (Thunder): 3 vs. Raven is Raw (Spinal): 0

F3 Sleep (ARIA): 3 vs. UA Bass (Cinder): 0

-Grand Finals-

HW xXHOLOGRAMXx (Thunder): 3 vs. F3 Sleep (Kilgore): 1

With such a convincing domination, HW xXHOLOGRAMXx becomes the Week 6 champion for KrossUp! His victory will instantly propel him to seventh place in the league rankings, putting him within arm’s reach of a qualifying spot for the KrossUp Season Finale! Congratulations to Hologram for such a successful showing in his first appearance!

However, by placing second yet again, F3 Sleep passes UA Wheels to hold the leading spot in the rankings with 225 points! Wheels himself sits at second place with 185 points, while Bass ascends through the rankings to share a fourth place status with MnT Letalis with 105 points. Ectopic Illusion will retain third place despite his absence in Week 6.

Now that Week 6 has reached its conclusion, we will enter the final leg of the KrossUp series on Saturday, March 18th at 6 P.M. Eastern Time. As HW xXHOLOGRAMXx demonstrated, one win can instantly give you a chance at being recognized among the best eight competitors, so we highly recommend that you sign up for Week 7 and Week 8! With the points evenly spread out, the possibilities remain limitless!

As a reminder, KrossUp is open to all North American players who are at least seventeen years of age. Due to online cross-play between PC and Xbox One, players from both platforms are eligible to compete.

We’d also like to remind you that the non-American killers can enter our first King of the Ring bracket this Sunday. This bracket will be hosted by both Stream.Me and The Dutch Brawlers. Like with KrossUp, cash prizes and league points will be up for grabs!

A gracious thank-you goes out to Mr Aquaman and JagoBlake for treating us to this amazing competition! We hope you will join us for Week 7!

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