HW DaaChronicle wins KrossUp Week 8!

Results for KrossUp Week 8 are in! As this would be the bracket that decides who all will make it into the Season Finale, the players would strive even harder to overcome the competition and place as high as possible in order to earn these final league points!

Newcomer BRTF GrimRipper (Sabrewulf) takes on the Week 6 champion, HW xXHOLOGRAMXx. With GrimRipper failing to guess between command grabs and DPs, he is tossed all over the screen without being given a chance to breathe. His wake-up forward dashes are checked repeatedly by Hologram’s jabs, which are confirmed into follow-ups. Unable to get anything started, GrimRipper becomes the first victim of Thunder’s vicious Ultimate finisher. GrimRipper decides to switch out his Sabrewulf for Rash, but the second match goes just as painful and fast-paced as the first as Hologram continues to cross him up after hard knockdowns. With a successful Combo Breaker, Hologram dashes through his foe and tags him with a low to end the match with a second Ultimate. Having been unable to deprive Hologram of a single life bar, GrimRipper remains unsure of how to approach his opponent. He tries one more time to establish pressure with Sabrewulf only to be met with one counter read after another. Hologram advances to semifinals with a clean 3-0…AND a third Ultimate!

After weeks of not seeing a Top 8, HW YungTate (Maya) leaps back into the fray to face off against BH Waterhorses (Glacius). As a counter measure to Tate’s strategy of building pips for his daggers, Waterhorses fills the screen with one Hail after another to repel his opponent’s weapons, while also using his Liquidize to dodge them. Tate is forced to be conservative with his super jumps while waiting for an opening in Glacius’s zoning. He eventually finds it and goes right to work on pressuring his foe. Water isn’t eager to let Tate acquire the resources he needs for a homing unblockable, but his desperation to avoid them leaves him open to punishes. After a series of heart-pounding sequences, Tate gradually edges out his foe to take a 2-1 lead. In retaliation, Waterhorses begins waking up with Shadow Cold Shoulders to blow up Tate’s mis-timed meaties, and he also becomes more aggressive with his use of Shadow Hail off of blocked shoulders and Puddle Punches. Before Tate can blink, Waterhorses ties up the score and is quick to establish a commanding lead in the final game. With his fate tied to a sliver of health, Tate’s dagger toss catches Glacius’s jumpkick on start-up, allowing him a juggle that puts his foe in the corner. Water immediately pops his Instinct and Liquidizes out. Tate techs his opponent’s throw and tries to go on the offensive only to be eliminated in a final air-to-air sequence. Water completes the comeback to win 3-2!

For the third quarterfinals match, UA Bass (Mira) and Mike N Ike 25 (Thunder) meet for a rematch in KrossUp. In their last set, a crucial drop from Bass allowed Mike to snag a miraculous win, but Bass is dead-set on ensuring that his execution is flawless. Bass is more than willing to play his opponent’s game of leaving him with little room to breathe, but he also opts to block on wake-up instead of draining away his own health for the sake of defense. Mike suffers difficulty trying to interrupt Bass’s bats after blockstrings, causing him to eat huge damage. When Mike finally slows down his approach, Bass pounces with a cross-up off an air dash which catches his opponent by surprise. Despite his first Shadow Counter attempt being baited for a punish, Bass isn’t shy about blowing up Mike’s abuse of his 17-frame overhead. Bass looks set to win after taking a 2-0 lead, but Mike finally delivers a convincing response that gets him on the board. However, this is not enough to deter Bass, who proceeds to win 3-1 despite the intensity of their last game.

The last quarterfinals match would also see the return of YungTate’s teammate, HW DaaChronicle, who would take on newcomer Street NS in a canonical clash of Gargos vs. Tusk. DaaChronicle immediately sets about controlling the pace of the match using his strong air mobility and zoning, but his eagerness to initiate offense backfires as Street times his Deflects correctly against his Sky Drops. Instantly DaaChronicle backs off and opts to build meter in order to call out his minions. Street tries desperately to fight off the minions only to be locked down and left to the mercy of the Shadow Lord. However, the damage from Street’s checks against his jump-ins catches up to DaaChronicle allowing Street to perform a commendable comeback in Game 3. However, DaaChronicle comes to notice how Tusk’s normals are an excellent counter to a character with a large hitbox size like Gargos, so he decides to change up the match by going to his old friend, Shadow Jago. Street suddenly finds it harder to put up a defense, although DaaChronicle’s eagerness to Counter Break gives Tusk the opportunity to seize some damage, but Chronicle’s early Breakers remained consistent thus lessening the damage. Divekicks performed close to the ground do away with Shadow Jago’s whiff recovery leaving Street vulnerable to throws. Finally, Street bites on a Counter Breaker and DaaChronicle carries out the killing combo to win 3-1!

Before DaaChronicle can get excited about possibly making it into the Season Finale, he must contend with BH Waterhorses’s Glacius in an unconventional zoning match-up. Similar to when Waterhorses fought YungTate, DaaChronicle times Shadow Jago’s fireballs, in mid-air and on the ground, to collide with Glacius’s Hail thus hindering the ice alien’s advance. But instead of hanging back, DaaChronicle occasionally comes in with a dash or divekick. Waterhorses immediately seizes the opportunity to punish DaaChronicle for his lack of patience. Whenever Glacius’s Instinct comes into play, DaaChronicle tries to retreat, but his increasing fear of the hail and shoulder leaves him open to the unblockable Shatter. The momentum swings into Waterhorses’s favor, but that momentum is quickly diminished when he jumps in and DaaChronicle reacts with a dash into an advancing DP attack. The difficulty in blocking Shadow Jago’s surged cross-ups further adds to the BH player’s predicament. The zoning battle wears down Waterhorses’s patience substantially and he finds himself taking risks more often than is advised. DaaChronicle begins using his fireballs to distract Waterhorses so that he can punish with a full-screen slide on reaction. Frustrated, Waterhorses throws out a cross-up Puddle Punch, but this decision proves costly to him and DaaChronicle is all too eager to reap the rewards for his successful defense. DaaChronicle eliminates Waterhorses 3-2 to see his first (and potentially his last) Grand Finals appearance in KrossUp!

For the second time in a row, UA Bass must out-maneuver a Thunder specialist, and HW xXHOLOGRAMXx’s balance of defense and offense will make it a difficult task. Despite Thunder’s ability to bend the neutral to his favor at will, both players find it difficult to catch each other with their guard down.  Hologram’s apparent invulnerability with his DP attacks limits Bass’s access to his bats while keeping him in close proximity with his opponent.. However, Hologram’s abuse of the DP catches up to him as Bass expertly dodges it and punishes with a roundhouse into the Shadow Bats. Hologram finds it surprisingly difficult to catch him with a Shadow Call of the Earth, which Bass jumps almost every single time. This only encourages Hologram to step up his aggression in order to intimidate his opponent into blocking once again. At a point in the match, Bass takes out Hologram’s first health bar while almost all of his own has turned silver, a circumstance that leads to his undoing as Hologram cleans out his remaining health. Bass is simply unable to condition his opponent the way he likes, and he is eventually eliminated 3-1 from the KrossUp Top 4.

With DaaChronicle and Hologram slated to play one another in the final match, the KrossUp league would see its first Grand Finals featuring two members of the same team. Unfortunately, network issues interfered with the match, leaving both players unable to connect with one another. As Hologram is completely unable to rejoin the lobby, he eventually chose to concede the match to DaaChronicle despite that both players were tied at two wins apiece. It would be an anti-climactic end to the tournament, but it would also be a good omen for DaaChronicle, who becomes the Week 8 KrossUp champion! Sincere congratulations to him!

Tournament Placings and Prizes

1st Place: HW DaaChronicle
Winnings: $150 and 75 league points

2nd Place: HW xXHOLOGRAMXx
Winnings: $100 and 50 league points

3rd/4th Place: BH Waterhorses
Winnings: $50 and 25 league points

3rd/4th Place: UA Bass
Winnings: $50 and 25 league points

5th Place: Street NS
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: BRTF GrimRipper
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: HW YungTate
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: Mike N Ike 25
Winnings: 10 league points

Match Log


Street NS (Tusk): 1 vs. HW DaaChronicle (Gargos and Shadow Jago): 3

BH Waterhorses (Glacius): 3 vs. HW YungTate (Maya): 2

BRTF GrimRipper (Sabrewulf and Rash): 0 vs. HW xXHOLOGRAMXx (Thunder): 3

UA Bass (Mira): 3 vs. Mike N Ike 25 (Thunder): 1


HW xXHOLOGRAMXx (Thunder): 3 vs. UA Bass (Mira): 1

BH Waterhorses (Glacius): 2 vs. HW DaChronicle (Shadow Jago): 3

-Grand Finals-

HW xXHOLOGRAMXx (Thunder): 2 vs. HW DaaChronicle (Shadow Jago): 3

Because Raven is Raw was actually eliminated before making Top 8 this week, the window to advance into the Season Finale had widened slightly. This means that HW DaaChronicle’s win in Week 8 ties him with MnT Letalis for eighth place in the KrossUp rankings. As such, the two will play a tie-breaker match on the day of the Finale to determine who will become our eighth finalist!

In the meantime, we’d like to congratulate the seven players who’ve maintained their positions at the top of the rankings throughout the season! Below is the official bracket for the finale.

As indicated in the bracket, the winner of the tie-breaker match will proceed to fight F3 Sleep in the finale’s opening match. As well, unlike all of the previous KrossUp brackets, this final tournament will use a double elimination format, meaning that a player must lose two sets in order to be shown the door. Prizing has also been expanded to cover the Top 5.

The Season Finale will take place on April 15th at 6 P.M. EST! Catch it at the KrossUp Stream.Me channel here. Mr Aquaman and JagoBlake will be joining us that day to cast the conclusion to a season full of epic storylines!

To all of the killers who’ve played in KrossUp, it is our hopes that you found the experience enjoyable. Thank you so much for participating! Make sure to keep supporting your favorite game!

For those not from North America, The Dutch Brawlers have partnered with Stream.Me to bring you King of the Ring, a league that runs much like KrossUp except that it is centered around the European KI community. Players can visit their Smash.GG page in order to learn how to participate!

Didn’t get to watch the live broadcast for Week 8? Check out the archive here!

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