HW @carnagedormammu wins King of the Ring Week #2!

Missed out on the second week of TDB’s King of the Ring series? Let’s get you caught up right now!

In Winner’s Finals, we see HW SlenderCashew’s Gargos taking on HW Valoraxe’s Cinder. Given SlenderCashew’s impressive victory over ITA Master, expectations for his display are running high and he certainly lives up to them by keeping Valoraxe at bay with an unbreakable wall of portal punches. Valoraxe out-fights him in mid-air and manages to find openings, only to be broken and pushed away from his opponent. The portal punches disabling his bombs add to Valoraxe’s frustration, so much so that he goes to Tusk after losing the first two games to Slender. At first this counter-pick appears unsuccessful, but when Valoraxe is reduced to his last chunk of health, he corners Gargos and switches between grabbing and staggered resets to quickly even out the match. Slender panicks and breaks Tusk’s OTG stabs immediately while trying to get to safety, only to be chipped to death by a Shadow Immortal Spirit. Valoraxe shines with this new momentum, especially when Slender tries and fails to Counter Break his opponent, let alone block Tusk’s resets after those monstrous staggers. But in Game 5, the Shadow Lord asserts his domination once again by conditioning his opponent with his crouching medium punch before landing his command grabs. Valoraxe edges Gargos off his first bar but is immediately sent full-screen by an instant-air jumping heavy attack, and Slender immediately capitalizes with more portal punches to stop the comeback attempt and proceed to Grand Finals!

The outcome leaves Valoraxe understandably disgruntled, but having found his Tusk to be highly efficient he decides to keep running the character against TDB LeChatNoir as he fights to make it back to Grand Finals. Given that Shin Hisako lacks a parry, Valoraxe makes it a point to abuse his heavy punch in the neutral. LeChatNoir adapts to this strategy by using his backdash to force his opponent’s hand before whiff punishing with a shadow slice. Valoraxe’s difficulty in blocking Shin Hisako’s offense does not help his case. As the set goes to a tie with both players sitting on one win apiece, Valoraxe goes straight back to his trademark Cinder, but he is startled to discover that none of his wake-up specials are helping him avoid Shin Hisako’s Instinct grab. He tries to stay as mobile as he can to keep the pace of the match at the speed he prefers. In response, LeChatNoir waits before throwing out his shadow slice to either punish Valoraxe’s landing recovery or anticipate the bombs, which are becoming a noticeable part of Valoraxe’s keep-away strategy. As the set drags on, Valoraxe’s struggle against the light cross-up slice is as evident as ever. Desperate, he takes a page from H0TSH0T’s book and attempts to Shadow Counter the attack, but this fails and leaves him open to an Ultra. LeChatNoir’s Counter Breaker gives him a quick lead in Game 5, leaving him poised to seize the win, but Valoraxe manages to avoid Shin Hisako’s Instinct AND find a max-level cash-out with assistance from his burn-out ender. Unfortunately, he overextends his offense and eventually whiffs an attack, causing him to eat one final whiff punish from a very adaptive LeChatNoir, who takes Loser’s Finals 3-2 to earn his match with SlenderCashew!

Right off the bat, LeChatNoir finds Shin Hisako’s limitations in the match-up too uphill. For one, she seems unable to punish Gargos’s divebomb, and with her forward dash being an unsafe teleport she’s very limited with options in approaching the Shadow Lord. These difficulties aid SlenderCashew’s efforts greatly in the first game. LeChatNoir immediately switches to the regular Hisako to gain access to a true forward dash and a parry option which instantly instills hesitation into Slender, who likes to pressure with his crouching medium punch and psycho crusher. While LeChatNoir’s difficulty in anti-airing Gargos is still evident, he still fights off a horde of minions with his Shadow On Ryo Zan while closing the distance. To account for Hisako’s parry, Slender uses his minions to create hesitation before going in with his command grabs. LeChatNoir’s character change still paves the way for a tie between the two, but from there on out, Slender manages to seize control without relinquishing it to his opponent. With each minion destroyed, he simply summons another, and the increasing army eventually wears LeChatNoir down. A well-timed medium kick punishes a whiffed attack from LeChatNoir, allowing Slender to finish off the tournament with an Ultra Combo!

Tournament Placings and Prizes

1st Place: HW SlenderCashew
Winnings: $100 and 75 league points

2nd Place: TDB LeChatNoir
Winnings: $50 and 50 league points

3rd Place: HW Valoraxe
Winnings: $30 and 25 league points

4th Place: AL ITA Master411
Winnings: $20 and 10 league points

5th Place: TG Coopstar
Winnings: 5 league points

5th Place: BaneMobius
Winnings: 5 league points

7th Place: TDB H0TSH0T
Winnings: 5 league points

7th Place: DARKNINJA 2020
Winnings: 5 league points

Match Log

Loser’s Bracket

TDB LeChatNoir (Shin Hisako): 2 vs. TDB H0TSH0T (Cinder): 0

AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 2 vs. DARKNINJA 2020 (Kan-Ra and Fulgore): 0

Winner’s Quarterfinals

HW Valoraxe (Cinder): 2 vs. MBA BaneMobius (Eyedol and Spinal): 0

TG Coopstar (Jago): 0 vs. HW SlenderCashew (Gargos): 2

Loser’s Quarterfinals

TG Coopstar (Jago): 1 vs. TDB LeChatNoir (Shin Hisako): 2

AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 2 vs. MBA BaneMobius (Eyedol): 0

Loser’s Semifinals

TDB LeChatNoir (Shin Hisako): 2 vs. AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 1

Winner’s Finals

HW Valoraxe (Cinder and Tusk): 2 vs. HW SlenderCashew (Gargos): 3

Loser’s Finals

HW Valoraxe (Tusk and Cinder): 2 vs. TDB LeChatNoir (Shin Hisako): 3

Grand Finals

HW SlenderCashew (Gargos): 3 vs. TDB LeChatNoir (Shin Hisako and Hisako): 1

Congratulations to HW SlenderCashew for not only sending last week’s champion to Loser’s Bracket in the preliminaries (AL ITA Master), but also becoming the Week 2 champion for King of the Ring! Will the Shadow Lord reign supreme in Week 3, or will the crown be passed to a new bearer once more?!

We will learn the answer to that question tomorrow at 5 PM CET…

All players from the EU regions will be able to sign up for King of the Ring #3 to participate in some competitive Killer Instinct for the chance to earn league points and cash prizes! The tournament is open to players from the Xbox One and PC platforms due to cross-play. You must be at least seventeen years of age to be eligible to participate. To sign up, visit here!

Want to watch all of the Top 8 action from Week 2? Check out our archive!

With SlenderCashew’s win, he ascends to second place in the KOTH rankings with ITA Master still leading by just ten points! See below for a graphic detailing the rankings.

There’s three weeks left to go before the finale on June 11th, so we recommend you sign up now and get those points because they are extremely important for you!

Sincerest thanks go out to TDB KI4Life and HW Valoraxe for providing commentary for Week 2, and also props go out to Valoraxe for finishing in third place! We’ll be happy to see these gentlemen back with us tomorrow to cast Week 3’s finals.

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