Huge Content Updates for Killer Instinct and Street Fighter V!

Fighting game fanatics, now might be a good time for you to give Killer Instinct and/or Street Fighter V a good look. Here’s why.

Just yesterday, both titles received huge content updates that dramatically affected their characters and game mechanics, as well as introduced new content such as characters, costumes, levels, etc. If you own either game and have not yet updated them, you will be prompted to do so when you boot them up (provided you are connected to the Internet).

While both games are console titles (Killer Instinct for Xbox One and SFV for Playstation 4), they are also playable on Windows 10! For KI, Windows 10 users can access the game through an Xbox app to download it and play, whereas Street Fighter V can be downloaded via steam. Cross-play is also a feature for these games, meaning that Windows 10 players can play online against those who play via the console!

Now let’s go over the content we’ve just received.

For Killer Instinct, a huge balance change concerning their combo breaker and potential damage mechanics came into play. As a result of this change, a portion of the roster was also tweaked. Adjustments to Shadow Lords have also been made, and we’ve just seen the introduction of in-game unlocks (including characters and the extremely rare gold and platinum skins for Gargos!). See the full patch notes here.

In addition to these changes, the Killer Instinct community got a HUGE shocker. With the release of Eyedol, it was believed that no more characters would be added to the game…but the reveal of Kilgore, one of THREE new characters to be added in the future, was just revealed! He is scheduled to be released next month. Whether he is included as a part of the Season 3 Ultra Edition or separate DLC is unclear, so we will update you when we learn more.

In the meantime, check out this video where a member of Killer Instinct’s development team goes over their latest patch in full detail. You can also watch this clip for a glimpse at Kilgore’s gameplay.

Now on to Street Fighter V. With the arrival of Season 2, the following features have been introduced:

  • players can now tweak the background music for the Versus, Training, Casual Match and Ranked Match gameplay modes. You can now decide if you want to hear the stage theme or the character’s theme, or even randomize it.
  • rage-quitters will be further penalized for their behavior by being matched with players who share their tendencies, and they will also receive a symbol on their fighter profile that resembles a grim reaper. On the other hand, players who NEVER rage-quit will get a different icon on their profile, and they will be matched with other players that are just as honorable.
  • for Windows 10 users, Direct Inputs for controllers and sticks are now added! See the Other Settings menu in the game to learn more.
  • an Information tab has been added to the main menu. Players will now immediately know when new content has been added to the game store for purchase.

In addition to the above features, players can now purchase Akuma as well as two new levels – Temple of Ascension and Frosty Boulevard – using the in-game Fight Money or their physical cash. Five other characters are set to be released throughout Season 2 (presumably levels as well), but they have not yet been identified. Each new character costs $6 or 100,000 Fight Money, but if you decide to purchase the Season 2 Character Pass for $30, you will instantly gain access to the Season 2 DLC cast as they become available!

Accompanying the arrival of Season 2 is a dramatic change to the game’s balance and adjustments for all the characters. See this Twitter post to download a document containing all of the notes. BE WARNED: there are 92 pages total, so get ready for a long reading session.

While both of these fighting game titles have been around for quite a while, these content updates make them feel as if they’ve been re-released! We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for their communities, especially since we’ve got competitive leagues coming up for Killer Instinct and Street Fighter V next month! Hit up the links for details!

Good luck, gamers! We hope to see you in our arena in January!

P.S. Follow these links below to keep in touch with updates for KI and SFV.

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