How Kolin Utilizes V-System in SFV

In Street Fighter V, every character has access to a mechanic called the V-System, which carries three sub-divisions. They are V-Skills, V-Reversals and V-Triggers. When implemented properly, they can serve as a comeback mechanic.

All of these options are tied to each character’s V-meter, which is the red gauge seen above their blue meter gauge. V-Skills will build your V-meter if they succeed, whereas V-Reversals will consume a stock of it. V-Triggers require a full V-meter to activate.

A portion of the cast can build up to two stocks of V-meter while the rest can build up to three. In Kolin’s case, she has access to a two-bar V-meter, which is a benefit as it will allow her to access her V-Trigger faster than other characters.

With Kolin coming to SFV on February 28th, players eager to use her will want to know what they are getting into. A mini-tutorial regarding her use of the V-System has just been shared via the official Street Fighter Twitter, seen below.

From observation, her V-Skill appears to be a parry that can counter physical attacks. A successful parry will send the opponent flying while taking a toll on their health bar. Unlike the other characters who have a parry, such as Ryu and Akuma, Kolin’s does not start a combo.

Next on the list is her V-Reversal. This one takes a page from the book of characters like Rashid and F.A.N.G, as it allows Kolin to roll out of pressure situations. However, this looks like a risky option to use because it appears the opponent’s character recovers before Kolin completes the roll animation.

Finally, when using her V-Trigger, Kolin kicks up a blast of ice that juggles the opponent full-screen. In addition to giving Kolin space to work with, a character caught in the blast will have their stun meter frozen. As the clip reflects, their stun meter will continue to increase if they are hit so it can be assumed that freezing the stun meter prevents it from decreasing. If so, you will have very little room for error if you are frozen, because when your stun meter is filled, you are completely vulnerable to follow-ups. This V-Trigger can be used multiple times, although the meter decreases faster with each use.

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