2017 Heroes Of The Storm eSports Has Been Announced

For those of you that are fans of Blizzard, they had a wonderful announcement for you. This year 2016/17, Blizzard announced the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC). Now fans can watch the top professional teams battle for their regional premier leagues, pausing only for elite international exhibitions and a Mid-Season Brawl on their way to the HGC Finals. “The Heroes Global Champions will take home the crown and the winner’s share of a cash grand prize.”


So far not many teams have signed up for and there is still time if you have a professional team. The Qualifiers start November 19th. Right now the teams signed up are as follows:

North America

  • Denial Esports
  • Astral Authority


  • Team Dignitas
  • Fnatic


  • MVP Black
  • Ballistix


  • TBD

According to the Blizzard Website for Heroes of the Storm, in a professional HGC league (operating in China, Europe, Korea and North America), each of the eight teams plays the other seven teams twice during ten weeks of league play.

“After ten weeks of play, the top finisher in the standings automatically qualifies for the Mid-Season Brawl, which has a $250,000 prize pool. This 12-team tournament features teams from every HGC region. The league’s second through sixth place teams face each other in a playoff for an additional spot in the Mid-Season Brawl.”

Below is a complete breakdown on how the season will proceed provided by Blizzard.

Qualifiers (Nov – Dec 2016)

This set of qualifier events identifies the six fresh teams joining the HGC in 2017. They’ll be joined by the two regional representatives from the 2016 Fall Championship to round out the initial field of eight teams in the HGC.

Single-elimination, best-of-three matches until four teams remain

Best-of-five semifinals, the winners of which join the HGC

HGC League Play Weeks 1-5 (Jan – Feb 2017)

The HGC pits eight of the top professional Heroes of the Storm teams in a region against each other in weekly, livestreamed matches. Matchdays are programmed for primetime viewing in each region; North America, Europe, China, and Korea play on a Friday-Saturday-Sunday schedule.

After five weeks of league play, the three teams with the best records in their HGC league are invited to an eight-team, cross-regional tournament called a Clash; where the lure of rowdy crowds and juicy cash prizes should bring out the best in all competitors. Participation in a Clash is a team’s first milestone on its journey to the top.

Eastern/Western Clash (March 2017)

Invitational exhibitions featuring the top teams from every region, each with a $100,000 prize pool on the line.

HGC League Play Weeks 6-10 (March – April 2017)

The HGC continues to pit eight of the top professional Heroes of the Storm teams in a region against each other in weekly, livestreamed matches, and matchdays are still programmed for primetime viewing in each region. After the final week of league play, however, the teams will be on one of three distinct paths.

The top team in the standings heads to the Mid-Season Brawl to battle for a piece of the $250,000 prize pool.

The 2nd through 6th place teams advance to the HGC Playoffs to compete in a stepladder playoff format where the bottom teams have to beat each other to face increasingly higher seeded teams. The winner of this competition heads to the Mid-Season Brawl as the second team from that region.

The 7th and 8th place teams head to the Crucible to play against the top two finishers from the HGC Open Division with a slot in the HGC on the line. It’s a single best-of-seven series for the right to continue (or begin) their journey in the HGC.

1st Place → Automatic seed in the Mid-Season Brawl

2nd-6th Place → Playoffs for a spot in the Mid-Season Brawl

7th-8th Place → The Crucible for the right to stay in HGC

HGC Playoffs (April 2017)

The five-team playoffs determine the second team from the region to advance to the Mid-Season Brawl.

Using a stepladder format, the 5th and 6th place teams during the regular season play each other in a single best-of-five match for the right to face the 4th place team. The winner of that match faces the 3rd place team in a single best-of-five match and so on until there’s one team left to face the 2nd place team. The winner of that final match advances to the Mid-Season Brawl.

In this way, each HGC regional league sends two representatives to the Mid-Season Brawl: the #1 team in the standings and the winner of that league’s playoffs.

HGC Crucible (May)

The Crucible affords hungry Open Division teams an opportunity to fight their way into the top-flight league. Conversely, struggling HGC teams have to prove their resilience by holding off a motivated challenger from the Open Division.

The top Open Division team will choose the HGC team it wants to face in a single best-of-seven series. The winner will be included in the ensuing HGC campaign. The remaining Open Division team will face the other HGC team in a separate best-of-seven series with the same prize on the line: a spot in the HGC.

Mid Season Brawl (May/June)

An elite global competition featuring 12 pro teams from every HGC region playing for a $250,000 prize pool.

After the Mid Season Brawl there is another 10 weeks of League play, with a Eastern/Western matches before Playoffs and then Finals in November. It is a full year of Heroes of the Storm. So fans have a lot to watch and it all starts with the European qualifiers on November 19th. Be sure to catch the matches.


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