Heroes of the Dorm Returns for 2017

Blizzard’s collegiate Heroes of the Storm league will be making a comeback for the 2017 season, and it has a whole lot to offer.

Last year saw the participation of some of the best-known colleges in the United States, including Ohio State and Florida State University. It was Arizona State University’s team, however, that took home the grand prize of $75,000 in scholarship money when they played a clean 3-0 game against UTexas Arlington in the grand finals.

Several of the players who competed in Heroes of the Dorm are also playing in the big league for major teams, including Gale Force eSports coach Eugene “Yuuj” Tseng and former member of Astral Authority Richard “Kladeous” Tran, who played for UTexas Arlington last year. However, teams must now choose between playing in Heroes of the Dorm, or the Heroes Global Championship due to a TeSPA ruling that was announced in September.

Over $500,000 USD in scholarships will be distributed among the competing teams. The top placing team will be able to claim up to $75,000 in tuition money, with the following breakdown:

Money Awarded
First-Year Undergraduate Up to $25,000 per year for three years
Second-Year Undergraduate Up to $25,000 per year for two years
Third-Year or Later Undergraduate Up to $25,000 for one year of tuition or student loans
First-Year Graduate Up to $25,000 per year for two years
Second-year or Later Graduate Up to $25,000 to cover one year of tuition or student loans

One substitute player per team will also be eligible to win up to $25,000 for one year.

Heroes of the Dorm is only open to officially-sanctioned collegiate teams, but other fans will be given the chance to prove their worth in the Bracket and Pick ‘em Challenges by picking who they thing will win each matchup beginning Round 64, then selecting a single team for the rest of the tournament after the halfway mark. The grand prize winner of the challenge will be awarded $10,000 USD.

The league will kick off just a couple weeks into February, with the entire schedule running as such:

Stage Date
Group Stages February 15th-16th, 22nd-23rd, March 1st-2nd
Regional Playoffs March 4th-5th
Regional Finals March 8th-9th
Round of 63 March 18th-21st
Round of 32 March 22nd-23rd
Round of 16 March 25th
Round of 8 March 26th
Heroic Four April 8th
National Championship April 8th

Unlike in previous years, Heroes of the Dorm will not be broadcasted to ESPN2.

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