Here Are The Groups For The 2017 EU LCS Spring Split

The European League of Legends Championship Series is right around the corner, slated to kick off on the nineteenth, so Riot Games has finally revealed the members of Groups A and B for the Spring Split.

Confirming ESPN’s Jacob Wolf’s report from January 7th, Group A will consist of Fnatic, G2 Esports, Giants Gaming, Misfits, and Team Roccat. H2k-Gaming, Origen, Splyce, Team Vitality, and Unicorns of Love will be making up Group B. Because G2 and H2k were earned the most championship points in 2016, they were chosen to captain their groups; they were then able to choose the teams that would compete in each others’ groups in a snake draft.

Group A Group B
G2 Esports H2k-Gaming
Fnatic Splyce
Misfits Team Vitality
Giants Gaming Unicorns of Love
Team ROCCAT Origen

The video also touched base on changes to the format, as the EU LCS Spring Split will consist of best-of-three matches. The first three weeks will consist of teams competing against one another in their groups, with weeks four through seven seeing the teams compete with teams outside of their groups. Weeks eight through ten will revert to teams only competing against those in their groups. Six teams will be able to qualify for the playoffs, which will have no format changes from last year.

As for relegation, the bottom two teams in the EU LCS will compete in a swiss format tournament against the two top teams in the EU CS. The LCS team with two losses will be relegated out of the LCS, and the CS team with 2 wins will be promoted.

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