Help test out the Steam version of @KillerInstinct this weekend!

With the 3.9 content update in effect for Killer Instinct, players have noticed the option for “Cross Network Play” appearing in the Exhibition mode. This is indicative of the fact that the game’s Steam version is currently in development. However, this feature is currently disabled as it’s still undergoing rigorous testing.

Naturally, one of the concerns shared by the player base is how well the game will perform on Steam. Microsoft is equally cautious, a fact that might explain the lack of news regarding the Steam version since the bombshell was dropped back in June. But while a release date has yet to drop, players will get the opportunity to assist with the testing process this weekend!

How can you help to test the Steam version of KI? See below for details from Killer Instinct’s community manager, Rukari Austin.

Things are happening, and we are getting mighty close to releasing Killer Instinct on Steam. This is where you come in.

We need YOUR help to test cross-network functionality in Killer Instinct on Steam and Xbox One, so naturally, we need some helpful volunteers who want to play KI a ton over the next week or so, helping us to determine if there are any issues in the “wild.” Oh, I should mention, this thread will be for users looking to play on Steam. There are plenty of Xbox One users out there.

What I need from you, first, is a verbal yes that you would like to participate. That’s it. I will be selecting names from a hat, if you will, for participants. Not everyone will be able to get in, but don’t take that as anything other than random chance. Still, want to present you, our most active forum users, with the opportunity.

Please only reply if you have an interest in participating, and playing…this weekend! Any questions feel free to ask, but again, operating at the speed of light here, so won’t have a ton of answers for you until we get rolling. Keep in mind, you will be signing an NDA. This is a test. There will be bugs. Currently, internal tests have been going too smoothly for comfort, thus the expansion. We will also ask that you share your experiences with us, helping us create the best game for everyone when it launches.

Thanks much!

As stated above, the testing process will be open only to those planning to play Killer Instinct on Steam. If you’d like to express your interest, visit this thread at the Ultra Combo forums, log in with your Microsoft account, and make a post stating that you’d like to help test the game!

You may also have noticed that Killer Instinct received another update this week, albeit a minor one. It adds the icons for Xbox, Steam and Windows 10, and these icons can be found next to the player’s gamer tag for whenever they venture online. This is to indicate which platform you are playing Killer Instinct on.

When the game first expanded to Windows 10, an option to allow cross-play with Xbox One was added to the Exhibition Mode. A similar feature will be implemented once KI expands to Steam in the near future, allowing you to fight opponents from that platform as well. If you’d rather not play anybody who doesn’t share your platform, you can toggle this feature off to avoid that scenario, or leave it enabled to allow for cross-play.

We’ll be following this development process closely, so make sure to let us know your thoughts on Twitter!

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