Happy Holidays + Update on Kombat Cup

As we count down towards Christmas and the New Year, the Stream.Me team would like to take a moment to wish everyone Happy Holidays! 2016 has truly been an amazing year for gamers and 2017 is looking to be equally promising, if not more so!

For those following the Kombat Cup, if you saw that we did not have a bracket for last Sunday and you were confused by it, we’d like to remind you that we, more or less, took this week off. The league will also not happen next Sunday as that is exactly when Christmas is set to go down, BUT we will be back in business on the 26th. We know this deviates from the norm of hosting preliminaries every Sunday, but we highly doubt that you’d want to wait two weeks for the action to continue!

You can bookmark this page to sign up and stay informed on when all brackets for both Kombat Cup and Konquest are happening.

For those looking to catch up on what exactly went down in the Kombat Cup, let’s take a stroll down memory lane. SonicFox, regarded as the best Mortal Kombat X player ever known, took the first three weeks of the league, but he was unable to defend his throne in Week 4 which gave GTG Semiij the opportunity to snatch the crown for himself. Sonic returned in Week 5 to take back the crown, only to lose it again to Semiij in a runback for Week 6, setting the stage for a tug o’ war between the two young prodigies in the weeks to come…or so we’d thought.

Then along came RevetLeafing and yungmonster12, a duo of talented siblings who threw the whole MKX community for a loop. With Sonic having been eliminated by PG Scar before he could make the Week 7 Grand Finals, Revet plowed through his side of the bracket and defeated Scar to take the whole thing. In Week 8, however, not only did Revet fall by his brother’s hand, but yungmonster went on to defeat Scar and Noble Dragon to claim victory. Also worth noting, Week 8 was the first occasion where Sonic failed to make a Top 8 as he’d been defeated by yungmonster in an amazing Jacqui Briggs mirror match seen here.

The course of the last few weeks has shaken up the Kombat Cup rankings in a style we never foresaw. While SonicFox does hold the lead, formidable players such as Semiij and Dragon are beginning to close the gap. Below is an image of where the Top 12 players currently stand.

Let’s remember what is at stake here. Upon the conclusion of the league, our final Top 8 placers will each receive a free copy of Injustice 2, and the Top 3 will receive funding that goes towards attending any FGC event they choose, including a fully paid package for Evolution 2017! Amount will vary depending on placing.

The Kombat Cup is a twelve-week league. Eight weeks have passed, leaving us with only four to wade through. The question now becomes, who will qualify for our season finale?!

Whether you’re a veteran or you are new to the Kombat Cup, it’s not too late for you to step into the ring and climb the rankings! One Top 8 or 1st place win and bam, you’ll tip the scales in your favor. Sign up, practice up and show us what you’ve got!

If you’re a spectator and you’d like to check out the matches that happened, we’ve got you covered. Simply head to our YouTube page! You’re also advised to follow the Kombat Cup’s official broadcast page at www.stream.me/KombatCup.

You can also participate in our Konquest brackets if you don’t make Top 4 in a Kombat Cup bracket. They are basically redemption brackets where you can grab extra points to keep yourselves alive in our rankings. These occur every Thursday at 8 P.M. EST.

If you’re an FGC guy but Mortal Kombat X doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps our other leagues may arrest your attention. Check out this post to learn about our Killer Instinct league called KrossUp, or go here to read up on our Street Fighter V Savage Series! The winners of both these leagues will win free trips to Evolution 2017!

Consider these leagues a Christmas gift, from Stream.Me…to you, the fighting game community. 🙂

Once again, players, we wish you Happy Holidays. Enjoy your gifts and Christmas dinners, and follow us at our pages below to stay in touch!

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