Happy 20th Anniversary to Final Fantasy VII!

Twenty years ago, the gaming world would be graced with the arrival of a title that was far ahead of its time…

Last week, Final Fantasy VII turned the age of twenty. To this day, it is acknowledged as one of the greatest RPGs ever to grace the Playstation 1 console, if not the greatest. As a current owner of the three-disc set for FF7, I understand why all too well.

While the game’s flaws have become easier to spot over time – such as lack of voice acting, occasional dialogue errors, gaping holes in the plot and the occasional breaking of the fourth wall – none of them detract from the magic we felt in the core of our souls every time we popped in a disc to play through the most expansive storyline of its time.

Yes, I said, “a disc.” Because Final Fantasy VII was such a lengthy game, it had to be developed for more than one disc, a concept that future titles such as Metal Gear Solid and The Legend of Dragoon (both of which I highly recommend to gamers of all ages) would eventually borrow.

No doubt, Sony’s first Playstation console has paved the way for an era that would forever reshape both the company and their fanbase. For those unfortunate enough to have missed out on the experience, you can download FF7 – re-released as a PS4 digital title with 1080 HD graphics – via the Playstation Network.

As the gaming industry moved over to a world dominated by HD graphics, fans have naturally yearned to see an upgraded remake of Final Fantasy VII. But when Square Enix revealed the 1080p re-release of the game’s PS1 port, a crushing disappointment gripped the fanbase. Many had already prepared to never see such a remake, whereas those who’d gotten their hopes up were devastated.

However, their spirits – including my own – were lifted back up by another announcement…see the video below.

After what felt like a lifetime of waiting, we have gotten our wish for an HD remake of the legendary Final Fantasy VII series! Fans from the old and new generations of Playstation will be able to enjoy a re-enactment of this spectacular RPG!

For those expecting to see the return of FF7’s classic battle system, you may be getting ahead of yourselves, because according to the gameplay trailer above…the word “remake” takes on a literal meaning. Everything is getting an overhaul, including the combat mechanics. As well, unlike with the original product, the cast will be brought to life by a crew of voice actors/actresses that have yet to be introduced to the fanbase.

The Materia system may yet make its return for the HD remake, but that remains a mystery. Since the end of 2015, neither Sony nor Square Enix has shared any more news regarding development. As such, no release date has been confirmed. The only known detail is that the remake will be hitting the Playstation 4 platform and not the Xbox One.

So while you wait with anticipation for FF7’s entry to the world of high definition, you can join us as we celebrate twenty years of an unforgettable title brought to you by Sony and Square Enix for the Playstation family. 🙂

Sadly, I would not expect a three-disc set for the HD remake when it comes, although it would be appropriate for the game’s history.

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