Halftime Overview for KrossUp Series

Welcome back, killers!

If this is your first time hearing about KrossUp, shame on you. The series hit its halftime mark over a week ago, and we now have another four weeks to go before we drop the curtain on April 2nd. Already we have a definitive Top 8 leading everyone else in the league standings, so today, we’re going to go over them.

A quick rundown on what KrossUp is about: it is an eight-week league featuring Killer Instinct as the mainstream title. North American players compete via the Xbox Live network (open to Xbox One and Windows 10 users) for the chance to earn league points and cash prizes. Matches are broadcast via the KrossUp channel on Stream.Me every Saturday at 6 P.M. EST, barring weekends when offline competitions are occurring.

It’s never too late for a chance to sneak into the leaderboards¬†because as MnT Letalis demonstrated on Week 3, all it takes is winning one bracket or placing within Top 8 to rack up a lot of points. So don’t be discouraged! Go here to sign up and FIGHT ON.

Not from North America? Not to worry, the Dutch Brawlers have partnered with us to host King of the Ring which works in a similar fashion! Visit this page to sign up for Week 1, which takes place on March 19.

And now…the current top ten from our KrossUp standings.

Our current leader is UA Wheels a.k.a. DaytonJ, who has been shocking us with his phenomenal Tusk, a character that isn’t highly regarded in terms of tier placement despite his practical touch-of-death combos and full-screen normals that have parries built into them. With two KrossUp wins under his belt, he leads the competition with 165 league points.

In second place, Sleep trails Wheels at 125 league points. While he made Grand Finals twice only to be eliminated both times, his appearances there added a truckload of points to his name, along with his 5th place finish in Week 3. He has yet to win a weekly bracket, but his threat level remains insanely high.

Third place is held by MnT Letalis. Like with Wheels, he has been keeping the competition on edge with his giant-sized low-tier hero, Aganos. He won KrossUp Week 3 but fell to the Week 2 winner trying to take the fourth week. Still, he sits at an impressive 100 league points despite his elimination in pools during the first two weeks.

Next up is UA Bass at fourth place. He would be our first KrossUp champion to kick off the league, but he would not be present for Week 2 due to Kombo Klash Japan, which he won. However, as he’s discovered the hard way, the competition has stepped it up since his absence. He has not returned to a Top 8 since Week 1, but we expect to see him reminding his opponents as to how much of a threat he is.

Fellow Spinal specialist, Raven is Raw, trails Bass by ten points for fifth place. One of very few to contest Bass in the mirror, if not the only one, Raven has shown up in the Top 8 every week since the birth of KrossUp. However, he has yet to enter Grand Finals. Will he break the curse in the second half of the league?

Sixth place is shared by Rico Suave and Sickle at fifty points apiece. Like with Bass, Rico made a brief appearance in Week 1 Grand Finals before he fell off the radar. However, he has recently won the final bracket for the KI Pro League, so we don’t think it’ll be long before he makes noise in KrossUp again. As for Sickle, his moment of glory came when he bulldozed his way into Week 3 Grand Finals to take on MnT Letalis, only to be crushed to death by Aganos. Will he come back stronger for the next four weeks? Time will tell.

Finally, we have Ectopic ILLusion at the tail end of Top 8 with forty league points. He’s made a handful of Top 8 appearances, each of them explosive…no pun intended, but no term is more appropriate to use given that he holds the record for the second biggest cash-out in a combo (79% from either Week 1 or 2, if memory serves). As well, he knows when to yank the brakes and play at a pace that controls the match, as demonstrated in his match with YungTate where he moves Maya’s daggers off-screen. His calculated sense of play may yet make a difference in the weeks to come.

Honorable mentions to Circa Nicky and Mike N Ike 25 (the latter is not to be confused with GTG MikeandIke from Street Fighter V) for sharing 9th place at thirty points apiece, HW YungTate for 11th at twenty-five points, and HW DaaChronicle for 12th at twenty points. They are not far outside of Top 8, so it is far too early to draw conclusions as to how the placings will shift.

If you’d like to read up on what happened during the first four weeks of KrossUp, see below for a list of the winners. Articles will be linked in their names.

Each week has delivered in match quality. Right now, the following storylines stand out to us:

  • Raven is Raw has repeatedly made Top 8 without a Grand Finals, as stated before. Seeing him break past this barrier would undoubtedly cause tidal waves to crash over the doubters.
  • UA Wheels and F3 Sleep have met twice in Grand Finals, and both encounters have been won by Wheels. Will Sleep exact revenge in a future week of KrossUp?
  • much to Aquaman’s displeasure, General RAAM is nowhere to be found in Top 8. Will this change?

This Saturday, KrossUp continues at 6 P.M. EST. Don’t forget to sign up for Week 5 and practice up! We’re hoping to see some Ultimates now that they’re available to the public. I know I’m enjoying Jago’s Ultimate with every match. ūüėČ

Thank you to everybody for tuning in and supporting KrossUp! Your enjoyment is our number-one priority! Please reach out to us should you have any questions or concerns. We’ll see you this Saturday for more competitive Killer Instinct!

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