Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 Update coming to @ComboBreakerFGC 2017

Last week, the demo version for Guilty Gear’s incoming update, XRD Revelator 2, was made available for the PS4 players who had a Playstation Plus subscription. Apparently the game was so well-received that already a large selection of event organizers have decided to make the jump to Rev 2. In light of this information, Combo Breaker 2017 has followed suit!

Details can be found here at Combo Breaker’s official website.

This decision was made for the goal of catering to the interests of their customers while preparing them for other large-scale events such as Evolution 2017, where Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 and Blazblue: Central Fiction will be featured on the World Stage as part of the Burst League.

This may in fact be a wise decision, because according to a recent update on the registration numbers released by “The Hadou,” one of Combo Breaker’s head organizers, Guilty Gear XRD currently boasts the second-highest number of pre-registered players!

However, if you planned to compete in Guilty Gear and the switch to Rev 2 has turned you off, feel free to reach out to the Combo Breaker team via email.

As a result of the recent announcement for the Injustice 2 Pro Series, the deadline to register for Combo Breaker has been extended to May 15. If you haven’t reserved your spot, we recommend you visit this page to do so. Be advised that the venue fee will increase to $90 if you opt to register at the venue itself.

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