GTG Semiij wins Kombat Cup Week 9 (HUGE RANKINGS UPDATE!)

With the festivities behind us, the kombatants return to the arena with a thirst for one another’s blood. Tonight, the Kombat Cup produces its next champion!

Kicking off the Top 8 would be Circa Destroyer and a new challenger by the name of DsV Kayy9, who originally placed in a weekly finals for ESL Season 2 last year, using Tempest Kung Lao. However, he follows in the footsteps of yungmonster12 by opting for Full Auto Jacqui Briggs, a match-up that Destroyer is apparently prepared for, if his gameplay is anything to go by. With a fear of the smart disc, Kayy9 tries hard to press his aggression only to be overwhelmed by Destroyer’s own brand of offense. While his strong chip damage and corner game evens the odds somewhat, Destroyer ultimately prevails 3-0 over Kayy9…and rubs it in with some wild teabagging before the fatality.


The next match would end in a friendly kill, as Noble eSports’s Red Raptor and Tweedy square off in a canonical match-up between Scorpion and Kenshi. Tweedy is content to lay down the pressure, but despite his weak reversal options Raptor keeps up a solid defense until he discovers an opening to prey upon. He even calls out Tweedy’s desperate use of the wake-up armor with a savage uppercut, destroying his life bar and winning him the first game. Tweedy eventually falls back to his original main, Tarkatan Alien, in an effort to turn the tide. The third game comes close to ending in a similar fashion but the okie uppercut fails to finish Tweedy this time, giving him a clutch win and therefore a chance to run back the whole set. Unfortunately, a decision to jump at his opponent while Raptor was sitting on full meter proves to be his undoing. Raptor advances 3-1 over his teammate!


YOMI Slayer, highly displeased by his previous defeat at the hands of TTT Sacky, comes swinging back into Top 8 gunning for revenge. Sacky’s willingness to challenge Slayer’s mobility, as well as his use of the armor rune, leads him to his first win, but at that point, Slayer’s rage breaks loose like a hurricane and he takes the next two games in such a convincing fashion that his revenge appears to be imminent. Sacky switches to his Summoner variation for what could be his final stand, and after a shaky first round he manages to keep Slayer full-screen long enough to produce a hard-to-block set-up with his bat and his EX Sky Drop. This outcome shatters Slayer’s momentum beyond repair, as he desperately tries and fails to outdo Sacky in both the air and the full-screen game. Sacky advances 3-2 whilst continuing his win streak over Slayer!


Noble iLuusions, the third Noble kombatant to make Top 8 this week, takes on GTG Semiij using his Brawler Cassie Cage. While iLuusions would take the first round with a strong showing, Semiij’s adjustment causes him to freeze up, leaving him vulnerable to Mileena’s jump-ins. Semiij quickly goes up two games after an impressive counter to iLuusions’s wake-up command grab (running up and throwing out a normal before cancelling it into EX Fade so that the grab would whiff), and in response iLuusions places his hopes onto Sorcerer Quan Chi. The switch in characters produces a positive result as iLuusions finally goes on the board with his first win, but then Semiij’s own counter-pick takes everybody by surprise…none other than Hollywood Cassie Cage. While iLuusions contested him fairly well in the neutral, his desperate backdashes opened him up to Cassie’s full-screen B1 attacks, and the failure to block the low hit in her five-attack blockstring seals the deal. Semiij advances 3-1, and Noble’s forces are reduced from three players to a lone survivor in Noble Raptor!

The semifinals get underway with a match-up never seen before: Circa Destroyer vs. TTT Sacky. Disinterested in a zoning battle, Destroyer goes with Crystalline Tremor to take the match to close quarters. Sacky is completely unable to withstand his opponent’s offense and goes down in a very short first game. In the second game, he manages to wiggle out of the pressure and get a chance to call in his bats, but the runes fail to keep Destroyer at bay and Sacky finds himself getting pressured to death once again. While the third game has much closer rounds than the previous two, Sacky’s loss in the zoning game drives him to abuse neutral jumps in a desperate attempt to catch a whiff from Destroyer, only for Tremor’s blockstring to move him right past Quan Chi and out of reach of the jump attack. Destroyer capitalizes on this opportunity to close out the set with such a dominating 3-0 victory!


For the second half of semifinals, GTG Semiij is looking to eliminate Noble’s last surviving warrior. But Red Raptor would not be outdone so easily, as he is quick to establish hesitation in the counter-poke with his use of the Flame Aura. His use of the empty teleport to negate Semiij’s zoning has its benefits, but his reliance on the move leaves him with no stamina to break his opponent’s combos, so he’s forced to take chunks of damage. He bets all his meter on an X-ray in hopes of sealing a round, but this fails, and Semiij goes up one win. In stark contrast to his match with Tweedy, Raptor abandons his patient playstyle and tries desperately to force Semiij’s hand, only to be thrown to the corner like a rag doll. Unable to recover, Raptor goes down while Semiij proceeds to Grand Finals!


The beginning of Destroyer versus Semiij is akin to fireworks: you light the fuse, then wait for the firework to blow up. The match starts slowly with both players refusing to give an inch, and then Semiij strikes like a wolf, counter-poking Destroyer’s D3 with grabs twice in a row. The chaos immediately breaks out as Destroyer struggles to repel Semiij with his armada of EX straight lasers and smart discs. Semiij is undeterred by the zoning and goes on to take the first game, but Destroyer answers back by abusing his own grab as a counterpoke, as well as such expertly timed laser cancels in the midst of his pressure game (seriously, he did it so fast it was almost like he cancelled his D4 without going into any recovery afterwards). With both players tied one win apiece, Semiij brings his Hollywood Cassie back out to play, and the viewers are completely taken aback by Semiij’s non-stop aggression. Destroyer’s efforts to retreat from Cassie’s attack range are foiled by the brawler’s walk-speed and amazing B1 reach, completely negating Predator’s zoning. Seconds turn into blurs before the remainder of the set is won by Semiij, who performs a Special Forces Faction Kill as the cherry on top!


We congratulate GTG Semiij for an amazing showing in tonight’s Top 8 finals! His victory pushes him up to the number one spot in the Kombat Cup rankings, right past SonicFox! With only three weeks to go in the Kombat Cup, it is truly anyone’s game to win!

Final Results

1st – GTG Semiij
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – Circa Destroyer
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – Noble Raptor
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – TTT Sacky
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – Noble iLuusions
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – YOMI Slayer
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Noble Tweedy
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – DsV Kayy9
Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


Circa Destroyer (Hish-Qu-Ten Predator): 3 vs. DsV Kayy9 (Full Auto Jacqui Briggs): 0

Noble Raptor (Hellfire Scorpion): 3 vs. Noble Tweedy (Possessed Kenshi and Tarkatan Alien): 1

TTT Sacky (Sorcerer Quan Chi and Summoner Quan Chi): 3 vs. YOMI Slayer (Shaolin Kung Jin): 2

Noble iLuusions (Brawler Cassie Cage and Sorcerer Quan Chi): 1 vs. GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena and Hollywood Cassie Cage): 3


Circa Destroyer (Crystalline Tremor): 3 vs. TTT Sacky (Summoner Quan Chi): 0

Noble Raptor (Hellfire Scorpion): 0 vs. GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 3

Grand Finals

Circa Destroyer (Hish-Qu-Ten Predator): 1 vs. GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena and Hollywood Cassie Cage): 3


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In closing, we wish the MKX players a Happy 2017! May we see another year of competitive Mortal Kombat X!

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