GTG Semiij wins Kombat Cup Week 3!

As the first quarter of Kombat Cup Season 2 comes to a close, the league will crown its first two-time champion! To catch up on the kombat, check out this archive!

Echo Fox Scar (Smoke) returns to take on GTG Semiij (Mileena), our defending champion from Week 2! Semiij’s use of EX Fade is known to be extraordinarily effective, but that isn’t the case in Game 1 when Scar reacts to it with his own version of the teleport to dodge Semiij’s attack and punish with a game-winning Brutality. Semiij immediately responds with a switch to Hollywood Cassie Cage, a character to whom he has given his conservative touch. He prioritizes spacing and staggers over Cassie’s 50/50 options, an approach that proves surprisingly effective. Scar loses out on the neutral game and goes back to his roots in Demolition Sonya Blade in order to improvise. His failure to end the second round leaves Semiij with a magic pixel that ultimately comes back to haunt Scar. When Semiij pushes him to the corner, Scar tries to run out only to eat a B1 that drags the game to a third round. Momentum belongs to Semiij from there on out, and Scar is unable to reclaim it. Unsafe reloads in the final match leave him open to Cassie’s half-screen normals. The set concludes with a decisive 3-1 outcome for the defending champion!

The second set brings a newcomer to the table. Immortall Angel brings Hellfire Scorpion up to bat against Noble Tweedy’s legendary Kenshi. The matches fly by at an incredibly high pace with Angel scoring one hit after another. Despite being knocked down, Angel refuses to let Tweedy take his turn, escaping with teleport cancels and an occasional armored takedown. Tweedy tries to abuse the gap in Scorpion’s 214 string to limit Angel’s access to plus frames, only for Angel to cancel the string with a Flame Aura in order to eat up his opponent’s armor. The aura also makes Tweedy hesitant to counter-poke, allowing Angel to overwhelm him with 50/50s and cancel-based pressure. With the threat of the unblockable Hellfire, Tweedy is forced to choose being pressing the offense or dying by his own defense. In a fit of desperation, Tweedy tries to challenge Angel after blocking the jump-in only to be launched for a restand and guaranteed chip damage. Tweedy manages to drag the final game out to three rounds but ultimately falls by Angel’s hand 0-3.

Another newcomer makes his debut in the third set, and it is none other than Yomi Gaming’s Denzell Terry a.k.a. DJT, who debuts his Aftershock Tremor against RevetLeafing’s Tanya. The set becomes a game of cat and mouse with Denzell chasing down Revet using his primary advancing string. Denzell tries to anticipate Revet’s jumps only to be sent full-screen, but Revet is quickly discouraged from controlling space with his B2 when Denzell steps back to avoid it and counters with a combo that sends the Edenien tumbling towards the corner. However, Revet reverses positions and hacks away at Denzell’s bar until there is nothing left. The set is quickly extended to a third game, at which point Denzell’s patience falters. He is quick to get the lead and keep it this time, repelling Revet whenever he attempts to approach via teleports. Denzell finally catches him with his guard down and enacts a Brutality in revenge to put himself on the board, but unfortunately for the YOMI representative he finds himself back in a blender with no chance of escape. All of Denzell’s attempts to punish Revet’s whiffs are met with an EX pogo stick in retribution, and the damage quickly stacks up to spell out Denzell’s defeat. Revet takes it 3-1 to proceed to semifinals!

The last of the new blood, Sooneo (Kitana), charges into battle against HZRD KevoDaMan (Smoke). Kevo almost gives up the first game when his grab is neutral-ducked by Sooneo, but he recovers in time to take the round and then the match. Sooneo is undaunted by the development, an impressive feat considering that this is his first Top 8 appearance in the Kombat Cup. One touch is all he needs to create a pressure chain with his EX Glaive. HZRD tries to teleport out but is repeatedly clipped on start-up, leaving him open to follow-ups that send him full-screen. When his air glaive gets anti-aired by a jab, Sooneo makes it a point to throw them closer to the ground to keep himself safe from retaliation. Kevo gets repeatedly clipped by Kitana’s F2 in the neutral, much to his detriment. The third game comes down to a struggle that ends when Kevo fails to dodge a glaive from the other side of the screen. Afterward, Sooneo pummels his prey before sending him to the fishes at the Kove, taking the set 3-1 in the process!

The first half of semifinals kicks off with an exciting match between GTG Semij and Immortall Angel. At first Angel appears to be preparing a recipe for a heated smackdown, but his attempts to be unpredictable with his teleport lead to a brutal punishment from Semiij. Semiij’s counter-pokes juggle Angel like a yo-yo due to his tendency to jump after his poke is blocked. With the EX Fade blowing up Angel’s gaps as well, he gradually shifts his style to one of caution while trying to make up for the deficit. The games drag on for three rounds but still end in Semiij’s victory. With Angel facing elimination, he tries once more to surprise Semiij with random teleports but is punished yet again. With Mileena’s D1 stuffing even Scorpion’s jump-3, Angel looks completely lost in the match-up. Semiij quickly takes it 3-0 to return to the part of the bracket that is the most familiar to him…the Grand Finals!

For our second semifinals match, Sooneo and RevetLeafing face off for the chance to confront Semiij for the Kombat Cup crown. Revet immediately springs into action, dribbling Sooneo like a basketball as punishment for the attempts to jump the corner and throw glaives mid-air. Sooneo’s EX Glaives fail to trap Revet in place, as the Tanya loyalist reacts with a drill to low-profile the glaive and take the first game. Sooneo’s adjustment in Game 2 appears promising, but his attempt to punish Tanya’s full-screen attempt results in him eating an X-ray attack that snuffs out the remaining 30% of his health! The sudden reversal in momentum jars Sooneo out of his composure entirely, leaving Revet to stampede all over him like a bull. With Sooneo facing elimination, he finally abandons loyalty to his character by switching to Nimble Reptile, a variation that is possibly used the least for the green ninja. But despite his minor victory in Round 2, he cannot mount a defense against Revet’s air offense and is continuously opened up by teleports into jump-punches, ground pound cancels and/or drills. Revet seizes victory while his teabags rub salt into a gaping wound.

It has been some time since Revet has seen the light of a Grand Finals match, but here he is, ready to wrestle the crown away from GTG Semiij! In an attempt to refresh his unpredictability factor, Revet goes to the Pyromancer variation for his character. Semiij is instantly overwhelmed by the tank that is Tanya’s damage output due to his failure to fend off her low-hitting B3, and within seconds he is forced to the corner. Revet forces so much pressure onto him that Semiij finally cracks and wakes up with an EX Fade to punish, but Revet simply teleports right back into his territory to take the win. The second match starts with Revet maintaining full control. Semiij finally gains a combo opportunity that leads to a knockdown, but his attempt to cross him up is rewarded by an EX Shroud which gives Revet the chance to throw him into position for death by chip damage. However, Semiij reacts with EX Fade to escape the fireball and punish with a sai of his own as Revet tries to react with another fireball. The clutch win gives Semiij the chance to mount a comeback, tying up the set 1-1. Instantly Revet switches back to Dragon Naginata in an effort to regulate Semiij’s newfound courage in random teleport attacks. His anti-air game holds up until the end of Round 1 when he fails to counter Semiij’s jump-1, thereby relinquishing control to his opponent. After a narrow loss in a three-round game, Revet is confronted with the possibility of elimination. He goes back to Pyromancer and tries to maintain his high-speed gameplay, but Semiij is fully aware of his counters and applies them accordingly. Before long, Revet finds himself completely unable to pin Semiij down. With one last crossover attack, Semiij defeats RevetLeafing to win the belt for Week 3!

Congratulations to GTG Semiij for becoming our first two-time champion in the Kombat Cup!

Final Results

1st – GTG Semiij
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – RevetLeafing
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – Sooneo
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – Immortall Angel
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – HZRD KevoDaMan
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Noble Tweedy
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – YOMI DJT
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Echo Fox Scar
Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


GTG Semiij (Mileena and Cassie Cage): 3 vs. Echo Fox Scar (Smoke and Sonya Blade): 1

Noble Tweedy (Kenshi): 0 vs. Immortall Angel (Scorpion): 3

YOMI DJT (Tremor): 1 vs. RevetLeafing (Tanya): 3

HZRD KevoDaMan (Smoke): 1 vs. Sooneo (Kitana): 3


GTG Semiij (Mileena): 3 vs. Immortall Angel (Scorpion): 0

Sooneo (Kitana and Reptile): 0 vs. RevetLeafing (Tanya): 3

Grand Finals

GTG Semiij (Mileena): 3 vs. RevetLeafing (Tanya): 1

While Semiij retains his throne, yungmonster proceeds to win Week 3 for our secondary Konquest series after plowing through a stacked Top 8 including Noble Tweedy, HARA Rewind, JagoBlake and a plethora of newcomers. Congratulations to yungmonster for the victory! Below are the updated standings for the Kombat Cup. yungmonster’s victory in Konquest puts him at fifth place right above Echo Fox Sonic Fox, who has yet to return to the ring since his victory in Week 1.

The Kombat Cup continues this Sunday at 6 P.M. EST! Visit here to sign up for Week 4! Entry is for free and limited to players from North America who are at least sixteen years of age.

Thanks go out to Mr Aquaman and Kitana Prime for casting the Week 3 finals as well as to VX Saga and GTG Doughboy for bringing us the third week of Konquest! Big D will rejoin Mr Aquaman this Sunday to cast the Week 4 preliminaries.

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