GTG @Semiij wins Kombat Cup Week 12!

This is it, kombatants! Our results for the final week of the Kombat Cup circuit are in! But before we share them, we’d like to give a round of applause to the following players for locking in their spots for the Season Finale:

  • GTG Semiij
  • Echo Fox Sonic Fox
  • Echo Fox Scar
  • Noble Dragon
  • Circa Destroyer
  • Noble Tweedy
  • RevetLeafing
  • GTG SylverRye

Interestingly enough, this final Top 8 consists of almost all of this bracket except for GTG SylverRye, who was eliminated by Frozen Acid in a stunning upset! So for the most part, you can consider this Top 8 a look into the future…

And now…the results!

The first set opens with GTG Semiij and RevetLeafing. Revet opens with Kobu Jutsu Tanya, the variation he uses the least, whereas Semiij begins with Ethereal Mileena. Revet’s losses in the neutral drive him to cross Semiij up, a decision thwarted by Semiij’s D1 anti-airs that lead to a meterless 30%. With no opportunities to apply rekka pressure, Revet jumps back to his trademark variation, Dragon Naginata, but the second game runs a course similar to the first one. Revet manages to find openings in the third game and even blows up the mindset that Mileena is impossible to anti-air! This does not dissuade Semiij from applying his pressure, much to Revet’s dismay. Each match goes down to a pixel that Revet simply cannot hold on to due to Semiij’s timely teleport kicks, and so Semiij advances 3-1!

Second match would pave the way for a mind-blowing upset (literally!). Echo Fox Scar, last week’s champion, takes on Circa Destroyer’s Predator with his trademark Demolition Sonya Blade. Scar demonstrates an excellent counter to Destroyer’s discs by simply trading with a grenade, but Destroyer’s reliance on the wake-up EX Lasers prevents Scar from divekicking into his space. Scar swaps out Sonya with his Smoke to abuse his teleports inside his blockstrings while applying pressure, but Destroyer stays consistent by checking Scar with D3s and popping his can open with 25-frame overheads. Another well-placed disc stops Scar’s valiant effort at a comeback, and in response, Scar pins his hopes onto Demo Sonya one more time. The exchange is vicious and without end, dragging on the third game into its final round where Destroyer holds a commanding life lead, only to risk losing it to a faulty jump-in blown up by a grenade on reaction! Scar entraps his foe in the corner with an EX grenade and attempts to mix, but Destroyer is prepared to block for his life. Irony becomes incredibly noticeable as Scar goes for a desperate jump-in only to be K.O.ed out of the Kombat Cup by Predator’s D2, completing a 3-0 streak for Circa’s hero!

Scar’s teammate, Echo Fox Sonic Fox, comes forward to redeem their name, and Frozen Acid (Hellfire Scorpion) is his first victim. But Frozen Acid is a walking nuclear bomb that makes a strong use of his Flame Aura to force hesitation into Sonic’s mind, yet the fox is still willing to make risky manuevers such as a D3 into Flipkick for a chip-out. Frozen Acid cages the fox and burns him to death to win the first game, but it would be his only spark of triumph in the set because he spends the rest of the games eating mix-up after mix-up with his back to the corner. Even after coming off his breaker, Sonic checks him with gunshots to keep him locked into position. Frozen Acid tries desperately to find opportunities for his aura again, only to be stuffed every time and eventually eliminated from the Kombat Cup. Sonic Fox advances 3-1!

Once again, Noble must strike down one of its own kin to proceed in the tournament. This team kill would be a runback between Tweedy and Dragon from their semifinals match last week, except this time, Dragon pulls out his Mournful Kitana. The air glaives do their job in punishing Tweedy’s over-commitment to his teleport, but Dragon’s opportunities to pressure are diminished by Tweedy’s EX Overheads, which he busts out as both a reversal and a check after his own round of pressure. Tweedy quickly goes up two games over his teammate, who becomes incensed and fights back, using his own armor to negate Tweedy’s and net himself some staggering damage. Dragon’s conversion rate off glaives becomes ridiculous and eventually save his life in Games 3 and 4, thereby tying the set at two wins apiece! In spite of the setback, Tweedy repays Dragon’s crime of theft with revenge, stealing the game with a clutch wake-up to beat a failed attempt at a meaty. Dragon tries to take to the air to fluster his opponent with air glaives, but is brought back to Earth by such a strong anti-air game from Tweedy. A reverse 3-0 is thwarted, and Tweedy advances to semifinals!

Destroyer vs. Semiij has become one of the favorites to see in the Kombat Cup, so this match can be considered another entry to a novel that speaks of their epic confrontations. Destroyer’s D3 plays its part in shutting down Semiij’s offense, which also suffers from whiffs on his blockstring that he regularly hit-confirms into combos. The first game comes down to a pressure chain leading into an overhead that finally busts through Semiij’s blocking. Destroyer immediately converts off the mix-up to take his first win. The momentum is quickly lost for him, unfortunately, and before we know it, Semiij is on match point at a 2-1 lead. Destroyer responds to this development by swapping out his Predator with Crystalline Tremor. Semiij is reluctant to challenge the crystal cancels that lead to plus frames on block, so he is forced to hold one string after another until he seizes an opportunity to escape. Game 4 sees a Match Extension that precedes a crazy scramble between the two, one that is taken by Circa Destroyer causing the set to extend into a final game! The crowd roars in approval of Destroyer’s survival, but the celebration is cut short by Semiij who provides an effective response to Tremor’s domination. With Destroyer defeated once again, Semiij comes back to Grand Finals!

After his big win over Dragon, Noble Tweedy is more than confident in his chances of defeating the legendary Sonic Fox. But his confidence crumbles quickly under Sonic’s oppressive gameplay. Contrary to his other opponents, Sonic boldly challenges Tweedy’s EX Overhead with his EX Nut Punch, a move that comes with complete invincibility which allows him to skip out on the trade and bask in that hit advantage. Tweedy’s tendency to whiff pokes in the neutral is blown up by Cassie’s B1 without fail. Sonic also sneaks in flipkicks after staggers to discourage counter-pokes, but he becomes a bit too overzealous in the final game as he goes for an uppercut to stuff Tweedy’s armor, only to miss and be punished. Tweedy therefore receives an opportunity to stay alive, but he gives it up by forgoing the plus frames from his trusty reversal. This opens him up to a final B1 punish from SonicFox, allowing him to take the set 3-1!

Tonight’s Grand Finals can only be attributed to destiny. Both GTG Semiij and Echo Fox Sonic Fox are the top two seeds in the Kombat Cup. They have claimed victories and endured defeats from one another. They have won about half the total weeks that make up the circuit. For one final time before the Season Finale happens, they would trade blows for the right to be known as the Kombat King.

Both prodigies start with the same characters they’d played in their last encounter – Ethereal Mileena and Dragon Naginata Tanya. Oddly enough, while Sonic spends more time on the ground than Revet does, he still picks the wrong times to either jump out or attempt an overhead attack with the pogo stick, and Semiij’s combination of reactive anti-airs and pre-emptive jump-kicks puts the fox in his place. Sonic’s use of Tanya’s low option is almost absent, so Semiij keeps his defense focused around repelling overheads while controlling the neutral with utmost skill. Down 0-2, Sonic decides that it’s no longer time for games. His character switch to Hollywood Cassie Cage causes a drastic shift in their set, as Sonic pushes Semiij to the corner while exterminating almost all of his life bar. Sonic begins abusing flipkicks to snatch that last pixel, but Semiij times his EX Fades perfectly to avoid them and either punish the fox or grab himself some chip damage. He almost completes the comeback, but Sonic blocks all of his desperate teleports and finally snuffs out that last pixel. The set progresses into a fourth game, during which Sonic gets constantly tagged by Semiij’s F2 normal, each conversion costing him tremendous health. Sonic tests Semiij with anti-counterpoke flipkicks as he did against Tweedy, but Semiij’s defensive wall holds up. One final exchange in the corner ends in Semiij’s favor, bringing about a decisive conclusion to the final week of the Kombat Cup!

Our sincerest congratulations to GTG Semiij for defeating Echo Fox Sonic Fox again to become our Week 12 champion! With the Season Finale incoming, these two will return alongside six other kombatants for a double elimination bracket, where the victor will be crowned the Kombat Cup Season 1 Champion!

Final Results

1st – GTG Semiij
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – Echo Fox Sonic Fox
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – Noble Tweedy
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – Circa Destroyer
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – Noble Dragon
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Frozen Acid
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Echo Fox Scar
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – RevetLeafing
Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 3 vs. RevetLeafing (Kobu Jutsu Tanya and Dragon Naginata Tanya): 1

Echo Fox Scar (Demolition Sonya Blade and Smoke): 0 vs. Circa Destroyer (Hish-Qu-Ten Predator): 3

Echo Fox Sonic Fox (Brawler Cassie Cage): 3 vs. Frozen Acid (Hellfire Scorpion): 1

Noble Dragon (Mournful Kitana): 2 vs. Noble Tweedy (Possessed Kenshi): 3


GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 3 vs. Circa Destroyer (Hish-Qu-Ten Predator and Crystalline Tremor): 2

Echo Fox Sonic Fox (Hollywood Cassie Cage): 3 vs. Noble Tweedy (Possessed Kenshi): 1

Grand Finals

GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 3 vs. Echo Fox Sonic Fox (Dragon Naginata Tanya and Hollywood Cassie Cage): 1

It has been a pleasure to host both the Kombat Cup and Konquest for twelve weeks! Thank you to the Stream.Me team for blessing the MKX community with an unforgettable series of matches that always leave us wondering what else is to come in the following weeks. It has been a long road, so to finally be at the end of it is surreal.

Details on the Kombat Cup Season Finale will be shared in another article. Please check back soon!

Thanks to Mr Aquaman and Echo FGC for sticking with us all the way to the end! They will return to host the Season Finale this Sunday, and we hope you’ll be there as well to enjoy the action!

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