@GTGMikeand1ke12 wins #SavageSeries Week 3!

Savage Series Week 3 concludes with yet another different serving of a Top 8, with only two returning faces – Strike El Tigre and MonoPR – facing six new threats in a struggle from which only the best can emerge victorious! We now have the results to share with you!

To catch up on the broadcast, check out our archive here!

MonoPR (F.A.N.G) returns to the Winner’s side of Top 8 to take on GTG MikeAndIke (Laura) in a very rough match-up. These warriors almost never take a moment to breathe as the majority of their conflict takes place at close range, applying one frame trap after another. Plenty of times MonoPR has managed to get the upper hand, only for MikeAndIke to steal the game off of just one knockdown. MikeAndIke goes up two games, but Mono refuses to go down without a fight, scoring a Perfect K.O. in the third game’s opening round! After a rough second hand, Mono appears to have made an adjustment that promises him victory in the final round…only for the rug to be snatched from under his feet yet again. After one more comeback, GTG MikeAndIke sends MonoPR to Loser’s 3-0!

The second set, which is between SD Pnoy (M. Bison) and ThirdPixel Saliou (Karin), starts off one-sided at first, with Crush Counters favoring Pnoy due to his immaculate spacing and aerial domination. A failed anti-air from Saliou leads Pnoy to a two-game lead over his foe, leaving him poised to win the whole set, but Saliou finally finds his groove by utilizing shimmies whilst in V-trigger to bust a hole in Pnoy’s exceptional defense, leading him to his first win. In the fourth game, Pnoy’s spacing shines again as he lands his jump-ins from maximum distance and fakes his approach to yank Saliou’s strings as he would a puppet. Pnoy takes the set 3-1, sending Saliou into Loser’s!

But the dictator’s thirst for destruction has not been satisfied. Fellow Bison player, Tampa Bison, takes on last week’s champion, Strike El Tigre. Tampa Bison introduces the element of ambiguity into this match-up by positioning his sky drop so that it hits right in the middle of the character’s hitbox, making it confusing as to which way to block. El Tigre struggles with defending against this at first, but as the set progresses, his success rate at blocking the attack goes up. His V-Skill timing is also so on point that Tampa Bison found it difficult to punish with anything other than a jab, which doesn’t grant him much hit advantage to work with. When his direct attempts to anti-air the dictator meet with failure, El Tigre defers to his command dash to get out of dodge and apply pressure. Tampa Bison makes a panic retreat, only to be punished by an anti-air grab which seals the deal. Strike El Tigre advances to the next round of Loser’s Bracket with a 3-1 win!

Due to BlackGazeebo’s inability to show for the Top 8, we had to bid him farewell. As a result, NickTanella (Necalli) proceeds to Loser’s Quarterfinals where he will face Saliou (Karin)! Saliou immediately assumes the upper hand in the neutral with repeated Crush Counters off his standing roundhouse, which makes quick work of Nick’s life bars in the first game. It becomes clear that Karin outranges Necalli quite well, until Nick gets V-trigger which makes for a different story altogether. Nick fights back with ferocity, converting consistently off his normals whenever he catches Saliou slipping. A scramble takes place in Game 3 with both players dropping combos everywhere until Nick’s conversion rate peaks again, giving him a set advantage of 2-1. To shake things up, Saliou switches to Vega to further prey on Necalli’s weakness of a lack of ranged normals, while sheathing his claw to gain access to his own command grab. This decision does not faze Nick in the slightest, and so Saliou is eliminated at 5th place!

With MonoPR now in Loser’s, he must face the nightmare that is the Brazilian brawler once again. After a V-reversal gets completely negated by El Tigre, MonoPR is forced to endure an onslaught of Thunder Claps while trying to scout Laura’s V-skill and command grab. He loses the first game due to an inability to regain his footing, but in the second game, he abuses his EX Ryobenda to stay out of Tigre’s line of fire. The improvement in MonoPR’s defensive play propels him to a 2-1 lead over his opponent. Now it’s El Tigre’s turn to feel the pressure AND the poison, which is more debilitating due to the prolonged recovery in a player’s white life as per the Season 2 changes. Similar to Dhalsim, MonoPR weakens his prey to the point where an instant overhead (F.A.N.G’s jumping medium kick in this case) wipes away the last pixel. El Tigre fights back, tying the set up 2-2 while staying cautious of F.A.N.G’s zoning. MonoPR eats a Perfect K.O. in the final game, but his space control is instantly top-tier again in the following round, and El Tigre eventually falls to another instant overhead after struggling so much against the zoning!

Now in Top 4, MonoPR (F.A.N.G) and NickTanella (Necalli) square off for the right to stay alive in the Savage Series. NickTanella’s strategy is simple: stay in MonoPR’s face so as to deny him any of his zoning. This tactic earns him his victory in Game 1, but it quickly loses its effectiveness in the later rounds, as Nick continually eats the poison orbs while trying to dash and divekick his way into MonoPR’s territory. Necalli’s weakness to range adds to Nick’s difficulties with this match-up. Before long, it becomes clear that the damage isn’t really coming from F.A.N.G’s combos, but from his poison. Nick finally manages to find his way in, but his opportunities for damage are cut short by MonoPR’s timely reversals. A crucial conversion for Nick almost leads him to a miracle win, but the lack of meter cuts his comeback short, and MonoPR comes out on top 3-1!

After a long ride through Loser’s, the tournament shifts back to Winner’s Bracket for a finals match between GTG MikeandIke12 (Laura) and SD Pnoy, who makes the switch to Necalli! Pnoy roundhouses repeatedly until he finds a Crush Counter and a knockdown, but his attempt to go in is challenged by wake-up jabs. Pnoy’s neutral jumps to escape pressure are quickly shut down by a tightening of the screws in Mike’s pressure game, creating tremendous respect in Pnoy’s gameplay. Mike repeatedly preys on this to take the first two games of the set to put himself at match point. In response, Pnoy falls back to M. Bison in order to gain a three-frame normal, which assists him in challenging Mike’s offense. Reactions run high on both players’ ends, culminating in a crazy counter to Mike’s EX Sunset Wheel that costs the Laura loyalist a match! His confidence now at an all-time high, Pnoy brings the fourth game to a final round with some dominating rushdown of his own. However, Mike finds an opening, pops V-trigger, and begins a sequence that leads to a devastating combo which consumes the remainder of Pnoy’s life bar…while it was still just over 50%! Ouch!

With MikeandIke now sitting in Grand Finals, Pnoy must face MonoPR to win the right to a runback, and the F.A.N.G specialist has no intention of going down quietly. With Bison’s walk-speed being so slowly, Pnoy’s only other alternative to get within fighting distance is to slide, dash or jump from full-screen, all of which are unsafe commitments especially considering the upwards curve for F.A.N.G’s fireballs. In spite of this, Pnoy manages to take each match to three rounds, only to be denied the win. MonoPR’s ability to scout Pnoy’s V-reversals adds more to his oppression, limiting the dictator’s choices. Obviously frustrated, Pnoy goes back to Necalli to take advantage of his V-trigger which serves to even the playing field. Pnoy rushes his way into his first win, but a costly decision to not use his Critical Art for a round swings the pendulum right back to MonoPR. Another costly decision is when Pnoy pops his V-trigger only to be punished by F.A.N.G’s fireball, giving MonoPR a follow-up that puts the hapless Necalli into stun. The resulting combo gives MonoPR a set-up for a jump-in into a roundhouse so ambiguous that it leaves the commentators speechless!

With a 3-1 win under his belt, MonoPR makes it back to Grand Finals to confront GTG MikeAndIke12’s Laura. Mike is quick to take the lead due to MonoPR not spacing his fireballs correctly, and the damage stacks up fast. MonoPR quickly regains himself, resorting to V-reversals to escape Mike’s pressure while constantly setting up the poison cloud to slow his opponent down. Mike teeters on the edge of a comeback in Game 3, but an incorrect decision to jump is punished by a jab anti-air, costing him a golden opportunity. MonoPR goes up two games to Mike’s one, an outcome that brings both players to the brink of a bracket reset. However, MikeandIke has no intention of letting that happen. He starts punishing MonoPR’s V-reversals with a medium kick into his command dash, after which he lets the command grab rock. MonoPR begins fishing for openings to poke out of the offense, but is put into stun by the Thunder Clap almost every time. Desperation sinks in, driving MonoPR to start scouting the command grab only to be greeted with a jab that brings a swift and decisive end to his tournament life.

Congratulations to GTG MikeAndIke12 for preserving Laura’s domination in the Savage Series to win Week 3!

Tournament Placings

1st Place – GTG MikeAndIke12 (Laura)
2nd Place – MonoPR (F.A.N.G)
3rd Place – SD Pnoy (M. Bison and Necalli)
4th Place – NickTanella (Necalli)
5th Place Tie – ThirdPixel Saliou (Karin/Vega) and Strike El Tigre (Laura)
7th Place Tie – Tampa Bison (M. Bison) and BlackGazeebo (DQ)

Match Log

Winner’s Semifinals

GTG MikeAndIke12 (Laura): 3 vs. MonoPR (F.A.N.G): 0

ThirdPixel Saliou (Karin): 1 vs. SD Pnoy (M. Bison): 3

Loser’s Bracket

Strike El Tigre (Laura): 3 vs. Tampa Bison (M. Bison): 1

(BlackGazeebo was DQ’ed, so NickTanella advances by default)

Loser’s Quarterfinals

NickTanella (Necalli): 3 vs. ThirdPixel Saliou (Karin and Vega): 1

MonoPR (F.A.N.G): 3 vs. Strike El Tigre (Laura): 2

Loser’s Semifinals

NickTanella (Necalli): 1 vs. MonoPR (F.A.N.G): 3

Winner’s Finals

GTG MikeandIke12 (Laura): 3 vs. SD Pnoy (Necalli and M. Bison): 1

Loser’s Finals

MonoPR (F.A.N.G): 3 vs. SD Pnoy (M. Bison and Necalli): 0

Grand Finals

MonoPR (F.A.N.G): 2 vs. GTG MikeandIke12 (Laura): 3

A quick review on our Savage Series winners thus far: Week 1 was taken by DNL Chris Tatarian, then Strike El Tigre dethroned him to win Week 2, and now Week 3 has been claimed by GTG MikeandIke12. We’ve had a new champion every week since the league first started, so we’ve always been intrigued by what we would see from all of these matches! Sincere thanks to the players for supporting us and putting on a show!

Next Monday is going to be the tail end of the Savage Series, so for one last time, you can sign up for the chance to add more points to your name! Remember that the player with the most league points will receive a fully paid trip to Evolution 2017, which occurs in Las Vegas this July!

Here is a quick look at where our top ten players are ranked…

Strike El Tigre currently holds the lead at 600 points, followed closely by MonoPR with 575 points and DNL Chris Tatarian with 550 points. GTG MikeandIke12’s victory has brought him up to fourth place at 450 points, so his performance in Week 4 will be a huge factor in determining whether or not he wins the big prize. Ranked at 10th is Commander Jesse with 300 league points, which means there is a gap of three-hundred points between him and El Tigre.

To review our Savage Series rankings in their entirety, please visit this page.

The sign-up page for Week 4 can be found here. Get that grind in, because you cannot afford to miss out on those points! We hope to see you guys back next week.

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