Group B Results at @EL – @daigothebeast and @PR_Balrog advance to Top 8!

Last night, the Street Fighter V community returned to the ELEAGUE arena in Atlanta to continue their hottest tournament yet! With each of the beginning groups reduced to six players, they are now fighting to advance from their pool into the Top 8 finals!

You can read about Group A’s results here if you’d like to catch up, but if for whatever reason you cannot access the link, Echo Fox Momochi and PG Punk were the first to survive their death pool. This essentially means that the Top 8 is half-American, half-Japanese as it currently stands.

And it appears that such a trend will continue, because the two players standing victorious in Group B are PR Balrog and Daigo Umehara!

That’s another half-American, half-Japanese serving for the big dish! But seriously, congratulations to both of these amazing players for qualifying for the ELEAGUE finals! As a reminder, the Top 8 will play for a prize pool of $250,000 on May 26th…all on live television via the TBS network!

Missed out on the Group B playoffs? Not to worry, ELEAGUE has uploaded the replays to their YouTube channel!

If you’d like to witness the competition firsthand, you can purchase tickets for the live show at the G-Fuel ELEAGUE arena in Atlanta, GA! Visit ELEAGUE’s website to get your pass! The studio will open its doors to the crowd at 7:30 P.M. EST every Friday.

With half the Top 8 filled, there remain two more groups of players who have yet to whittle down their own forces. However, theĀ Group C playoffs will not occur next Friday for two reasons:

  1. Dreamhack Austin is coming up next weekend. A portion of the players invited to the SFV Invitational will be present at this event. Details to be released soon.
  2. A Celebrity Showdown has been scheduled for next Friday! Guests confirmed to make an appearance are Eva Marie, Reggie Bush, Shaquille O’Neal…and Lupe Fiasco! Tune in to TBS next Friday at 10 P.M. EST to witness a climactic showdown between four of the world’s greatest talents!

In the meantime, we’ll remind you of the players in Group C who still survive in the ELEAGUE invitational. They are:

  • RZR Xian
  • Echo Fox Tokido
  • RZR Fuudo
  • Splyce Fchamp
  • Wolfkrone
  • MOV

K-Brad and Gootecks were initially part of this gathering, but they were eliminated in the preliminaries, though not without putting up quite a fight!

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