Group A Regular Season Results at @EL + Celebrity Showdown Coming April 28th!

With twenty-four players remaining in ELEAGUE’s Street Fighter V event, four groups of players will be fighting to reduce their own ranks every week at the EL studio in Atlanta, GA. This process will continue until only two players remain in each group, at which point a final bracket will be set for May 26th (which, coincidentally, is when Combo Breaker 2017 and the Red Bull Kumite invitational are also occurring).

For a reminder of how the ELEAGUE SFV invitational works, please check out this article written by FriendlySenpai.

Yesterday, Group A’s players gathered together, dead-set on ensuring their survival in the bracket. Results can be seen in a Twitter post from the ELEAGUE account below.

Congratulations to PG Punk and Echo Fox Momochi for qualifying into EL’s Top 8 bracket! Punk will be entering the finals from the Winner’s side while Momochi must continue navigating the Loser’s Bracket with his newfound consistency, but both of these players have definitely delivered on the quality of their matches, as have all their opponents.

Next up, Group B! Which players survived the preliminaries to make it to this second round?

  • PR Balrog
  • RB Snake Eyez
  • Eita
  • GamerBee
  • Echo Fox Justin Wong
  • Daigo Umehara

You won’t want to miss out on Group B’s matches, so be sure to tune in to ELEAGUE next Friday on TBS at 10 P.M. EST!

Also, we’re getting a surprising twist: on April 28th, TBS will broadcast a Celebrity Showdown between four guest players. One of these guests should be recognizable from his legendary pre-launch exhibition with Daigo Umehara at the Folsom Foundry in California…

That’s right, guys: Lupe Fiasco is coming back to the sticks to take on Reggie Bush, Eva Marie and Shaquille O’Neal, three big figures hailing from different territories in traditional sports! ELEAGUE has been quick to place their bets on Shaquille, but who do YOU think will come out on top in this four-way smackdown?!

Never seen Lupe Fiasco playing Street Fighter before?! Check out his match with Daigo Umehara below!

There has never been a better time to enjoy Street Fighter V than this year!

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