Gorilla Grodd Video Tutorial with @PNDKetchup and @PNDMustard

As we enter the month of May, we are around two weeks away from the release of the game we’ve been extremely excited for. Actually, “excited” does not even begin to describe our anticipation for Injustice 2!

If you didn’t get to play as your favorite character in the Injustice 2 beta, you may be fretting over how to prepare for the game when it actually launches. If the character you’re looking to pick up happens to be Gorilla Grodd, then the PND brothers, Ketchup and Mustard, have got you covered!

The clip above introduces Grodd as a telepathic grappler with some unique flavors for the playstyle. A majority of his strings can all be meter-burned to start combos, for one. He also comes with a variety of specials that will help you greatly when closing the distance on zoning characters, and one of these specials can be cancelled by tapping backwards twice. This can be an excellent tool to bait reactions from the opponent.

His character power will also give you access to a set of specials depending on the command you input. One of these allow Grodd to hover above his opponent’s head before coming down with an attack. This is especially powerful for if you knock your opponent down while they are in the corner, as you can then produce extremely ambiguous set-ups.

The PND twins also have tutorials up for other characters they got to try out at a public event in London last week. Check out their YouTube for clips on Doctor Fate and Scarecrow!

Give the five-minute clip a watch and let us know what you think! Additionally, don’t forget to follow these chaps on Twitter, as well as this blog and the pages below:

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