Get your tickets for the @EL Group C Live Show this Friday!

The ELEAGUE Street Fighter V invitational continues at the G Fuel Arena in Atlanta, GA this Friday! If you happen to live in the area or close to it, you should consider purchasing your tickets at the official ELEAGUE website so you can witness the action firsthand!

With half the Top 8 confirmed for the end of this month, the two remaining player groups will seek to whittle down their own numbers until only two remain in each group. These players will proceed to the finals for a chance to compete for a prize pool of $250,000 while the finals are broadcast to the world via the TBS network on May 26!

If you happen to be among the lucky ones watching from Atlanta’s ELEAGUE arena, you will also get the chance to show off your skills in an Amateur Showdown, which will have a $300 prize pot up for grabs! Entry will be completely free for all attendants. Like with all tournaments, Street Fighter V will be hosted on the Playstation 4 console.

If you cannot make it, fret not: tune in to TBS this Friday at 10 P.M. EST to enjoy a live broadcast of the Group C playoffs! See the TBS website or check your local network for details. If you still can’t catch the broadcast, we hope you’ve got DVRs on hand!

As for the Group C showdown, which players can you expect to witness in action? See below:

  • Wolfkrone
  • RZR Fuudo
  • RZR Xian
  • Splyce Fchamp
  • MOV
  • Echo Fox Tokido

Only two of these Street Fighter gods will advance to the final phase of the invitational. Who do you guys think will emerge victorious?! Let us know on Twitter!

For more information on ELEAGUE, follow this blog and the pages below:

Official ELEAGUE Website