Get the @Brawlhalla Founders Pack for Instant Access to PS4 Closed Beta

Note: Image is credited to Blue Mammoth Games, the developers of Brawlhalla.

As we speak, many Brawlhalla enthusiasts are enjoying the closed beta for the game’s console version on PS4. The game’s development team, Blue Mammoth Games, plans to polish up their product before officially releasing it on the console, rather than leaving the game confined specifically to its PC version.

If you’re among those who haven’t been fortunate enough to receive a code for the closed beta, then your luck is about to improve, due to the release of the Brawlhalla Founders Pack!

The Founders Pack rewards a collection of benefits. They are as follows:

  • all Legends, or all the fighters in Brawlhalla
  • Founder’s Signet
  • Founder’s Insignia
  • Personal Sentry IV
  • instant access to the PS4 Closed Beta!

The product currently costs $19.99 (or £15.99 for those residing in Europe) and is available in both North America and Europe.

Your other option is to sign up at using your email address…and hoping you luck out. Rest assured that Blue Mammoth is working their hardest to ensure that every player gets their shot at the beta!

For those planning to play the game on PC, you can purchase it at its Steam page here.

Brawlhalla is a platformer-style fighting game that pits characters inspired by medieval eras against one another in the halls of Valhalla. Players will choose from a roster of unique fighters and wield an arsenal of items to knock their foes off the stage until only the champion remains. The game is updated with patches every Wednesday, and it is free to play. The team responsible for its creation resides in Atlanta, GA.

Side-note: here’s a look at this week’s patch, which adds in a new KO effect, balance improvements, tweaks to test features and more! These updates cover both the PC and PS4 Beta versions.

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