German Tour Announced for @Tekken 7 by @BandaiNamcoEU

By popular demand, Bandai Namco has announced a German Preview Tour which consists of four events to be held throughout April and May! It will run alongside the ongoing UK Championship league which just completed its first qualifying event at Glasgow, Scotland last weekend.

Starting April 21st, Tekken’s German fan-base will have the opportunity to experience a pre-release build of the game before it comes to mainstream consoles on June 2nd. Similar tours have been held for Italian, Spanish and French communities, all of whom embraced the magic of the series’s latest installation.

Further details have yet to be released at this time, but for now, we do know that Tekken 7’s first destination in the German Tour is the Myzeil shopping center at Frankfurt, Germany. If you happen to be reading this from Germany, we’d love to hear about your experience this weekend so be sure to reach out to us on Twitter!

It should also be noted that the next qualifier for the Tekken 7 UK Championship will take place this Saturday at Dublin, Ireland. Please refer to this Facebook page to learn more.

For those who missed out on Glasgow’s qualifying event, Hypespotting, enjoy this Grand Finals clip featuring TheTruth (Feng) versus KaneandTrench (Miguel). Three characters that had yet to be played since the birth of Tekken 7 were featured on Hypespotting’s playable build, further adding to the players’ excitement.

For more information on the Tekken 7 UK Championship as well as the German Tour, please follow this blog and the pages below:

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