GEICOGaming to be Title Sponsor for @CEOGaming 2017!

Looks like Jebailey is pulling no punches! But we are talking about a guy who has a boxing ring in his venue, could we expect otherwise?

Moments ago, a huge piece of news dropped via CEO Gaming’s Twitter page: they have announced GEICOGaming as a title sponsor/partner for CEO’s flagship major, which will be held on June 16-18 at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando!

GEICOGaming currently sponsors crews such as Panda Global, Team SoloMid and ONOG Esports, all of whom are thriving from the partnership. They’ve been a presence in competitive gaming for a few years now by supporting Hearthstone tournaments at high-quality events online and offline, and they plan to take steps to ensure that CEO delivers an unmatched experience for competitors this year.

For one, GEICO Gaming has expanded Jebaileyland into a 24-hour service all weekend with more arcade machines thrown in as well as free play setups to widen opportunities for players to get that practice in all night long! It will be open at the 7,000 square-foot Keys ballroom at the Wyndham Resort this year. Below is a list of the arcade games that will be shown off in Jebaileyland this year:

Players who have previously attended CEO’s events may be familiar with the legendary boxing ring. Thanks to their partnership with GEICO, the ring and projector screens will be branded with GEICOGaming’s logo! Check out this awesome illustration below:

And of course, you can stop by GEICOGaming’s booth at the venue to enjoy casuals, photos, giveaways and player signings! The booth will be set up in the venue’s main ballroom.

If you haven’t signed up for CEO 2017 yet, we suggest you do so quickly because after this Sunday there will no longer be opportunities to register. To sign up, check out CEO’s SmashGG page here! Also, consider attending Citrus Clash, a sibling event of CEO that also doubles as a qualifier for Red Bull Proving Grounds – more details on that can be found at this article.

Major props to CEO and GEICOGaming for arranging this top-tier partnership! For more news on CEO, make sure to follow their Twitters below:

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Source: CEO Gaming presented by GEICOGaming