Gameplay Image of Red Hood Released for @InjusticeGame 2

If you’ve been paying attention to the Facebook page for the Injustice franchise, you may have noticed a recent addition of a photo that’s gotten Red Hood fans up in arms (in a good way, of course). It doesn’t explicitly demonstrate gameplay, but it does show the character in the midst of what appears to be an enhanced special move similar to a slide attack that Erron Black performs in MKX.

Check it out.

A streamed demonstration of the character has yet to be announced, but once we learn more, we will update you. For now, YouTube videos speculating his capabilities have already been spawned by this photo surfacing on the Internet – hit that search engine and see what you’ll learn!

Additionally, the DC Comics YouTube released a clip where they interview NRS’s creative director Ed Boon about plans for the DLC content, current and future. During the interview, Ed Boon gives a brief mention of how Starfire’s Super Move will be illustrated in the game, and then he goes on to mention how the fans have this obsession with guest characters in NRS fighters. In fact, he’s hinted towards “another guest character nobody will be expecting.”

As far as who this guest character might be, fans suspect that it might be Raiden from the MK franchise. Why? Give the trailer below another watch and look towards the ending of the video. You will see shadow silhouettes behind Sub-Zero, Red Hood and Starfire, and one of those shadows on the right may look familiar to the fans of Mortal Kombat…

Take this suspicion with a grain of salt, though. With NRS, you never know what twists they’ll throw at you. For clear evidence of this, we recommend checking out Injustice 2’s story mode – it’s definitely worth the watch.

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