Gameplay for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has been leaked by Soplox!

With the announcement of the release date for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, holes in the garden hose have been punctured…

Putting my clever attempt at an analogy aside, gameplay has been leaked and shared via the Soplox Facebook page. Click this link right now to enjoy five minutes of pre-release gameplay with various teams of characters and the gameplay mechanics in action.

The gameplay animations appear to remain somewhat faithful to those of their predecessor, with the obvious differences thrown in. Fluidity in combo sequences looks similar to Marvel 3, as do character transitions, which suggests that players will have a somewhat easier time easing into Marvel Infinite’s mechanics. That said, battles are no longer done in a 3-versus-3 format…instead, it’s 2-versus-2. That alone is going to be a challenge to adapt to.

And in our humble opinion, the design for the stages is breathtaking. Certainly adds a realistic look to the Marvel and Capcom universes!

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