Full Results for Battle Arena Melbourne 9 from @CouchWarriors

Last weekend, the Australian FGC held its most successful major yet. About a thousand players entered a huge selection of games, including a handful of retros such as Smash Bros. 64 and Street Fighter Alpha 2. The event also served as a qualifier for Capcom Pro Tour 2017, meaning that the winner of SFV singles would be guaranteed a spot at this year’s Capcom Cup in December.

That spot would be won by Red Bull’s Bonchan, a Nash specialist who stuck to his guns despite the Season 2 nerfs to his character since last December! Out of 175 entrants, he held his own against a wall consisting of many Street Fighter legends, including Infiltration who’d originally used Nash to win EVO 2016! Bonchan would go on to defeat Fuudo in Winner’s Finals and then eliminate Verloren in an epic Grand Finale!

All of the SFV footage from Battle Arena Melbourne has been uploaded to the Capcom Fighters YouTube page, including the clip above. Give it a look if you’d like to catch up!

Congratulations to Bonchan! We hope to see more of him as the Capcom Pro Tour rages on this weekend at three different events! See the links below for information from the Capcom Fighters Twitter.

FFM Rumble 10
Saigon Cup 2017
Toryuken 2017

Additionally, TheStreetWriter conducted a series of CPT interviews for a selection of the SFV players at Australia. Among them is the runner-up Verloren and the CPT winner Bonchan. They’ve also been shared via the Capcom Fighters YouTube.

Next up, the Tekken 7 bracket saw a little over a hundred players. Among them were two of Echo Fox’s finest, JDCR and Saint, both known to be among the best Tekken 7 players currently. These two would trade wins in a pair of Grand Finals brackets with JDCR winning the first set 3-1 and Saint taking the reset 3-2!

Below is a clip of the Top 8 for Tekken 7 including the Grand Finals match with both foxes. Interviews with both players follow the finale. Give it a watch and enjoy!

Shout-outs to Echo Fox for representing! Make sure to follow them on Twitter.

Smash Melee had over two-hundred players competing from down under for the right to be called the best Smasher! Top 3 came down to Sora, DS Spud and Zxv. Sora dropped Zxv into Loser’s Bracket where DS Spud proceeded to eliminate him a second time, locking him in for Grand Finals. Sora was taken off-guard by the ferocity of his opponent Spud, and with no answer to offer, Spud took both Grand Finals sets to become the Melee champion!

A complete list of footage for Melee at BAM9 was uploaded to the Melbourne Melee YouTube page. Sub to it and check out the matches!

Of course, where Melee goes, its sibling Smash Wii-U is never far behind! Approximately 250 players entered the Wii-U bracket with the goal of winning it all. Ghost and MISH Extra rose to the top of Winner’s Bracket for the chance to enter Grand Finals from the winning side. Ghost ultimately lost the conflict but earned a runback after eliminating Boozer in Loser’s Finals. Extra’s strategy held strong, however, leading him to his victory at BAM 9!

The full top 8 for Smash Wii-U Singles can be seen in the YouTube clip below.

Congratulations to Extra for the victory! Major respects to the Smash community for showing up in such dominating fashion to represent Nintendo’s beloved brawlers! Look forward to the 2GGC Nairo Saga coming to the Esports Arena in California on June 10!

To see a full archive of the results for all games at BAM 9, you can check out this page from the CouchWarriors website. Gratitude goes out to them for working to host such a memorable event for the Australian community! Bear in mind that not every game has had its replays uploaded yet.

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