Full Details on Capcom Pro Tour 2017 are available!

It’s been a long time coming, but full details on the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 season have finally been dropped via the Capcom Fighters Twitter!

The post you see above will link you to a post made at the official CPT website, where you will learn about the adjustments made to the qualification system as well as an expansion in the amount of events that will double as qualifiers. The prize pool will feature over $600,000 in total from all CPT premier events around the globe! As per every year, thirty-two players will compete in the 2017 Cup to determine the best player in Street Fighter V!

Nuckledu, the Capcom Cup 2016 winner, will be automatically qualified for this year. However, he will still be required to compete for seeding as well as cash prizes. Alternatively, he could just sit it out until Capcom Cup 2017 comes along, though we highly doubt this decision will be made as he would forgo a lot of practice in doing so.

The next thirty slots will be filled by the thirty players who rank at the top of the CPT Global Leaderboards, which records the league points earned by players from every premier event. The final Top 30 will be decided when the final premier event reaches its conclusion.

Finally, as per an announcement made during the Capcom Cup 2016 finals, a last-chance qualifier will be held at the CC 2017 venue for those wishing to compete. The winner of this qualifier will fill the final slot in the 32-man bracket. EVERYONE gets a fair shot, so practice up and good luck!

You can check out the post at the CPT website for a complete list of the events that have been chosen to be qualifiers for the tour! These events include EVO 2017, Final Round (which is coming up in two weeks), Norcal Regionals 2017, Dreamhack Austin and more!

Don’t forget that Kolin is coming to the SFV roster on February 28th! Read this post for a reminder of what to expect from her. If you’ve purchased the Season 2 pass, she will be available to you immediately.

Good luck to all competitors! RISE UP!