Freeze Announces Free Agency

The epic support player for H2k-Gaming’s League of Legends team, Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek, has announced that he will unfortunately not be returning to his team now that he is officially a free agent.  He confirmed this in a tweet today saying, “I am now officially a free agent. Doctor says I’m 100% and looking forward to bigger and better things! I will not be returning to h2k.”

While his tweet seemed a little chilly towards H2k, this announcement was not purely out-of-the-blue. Back in May, H2K picked up Freeze as their ADC, but he was unable to play as part of the starting roster for the EU LCS Summer Playoffs due to his injuries. Freeze was then replaced by Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzourtzio. Later in July, Freeze mentioned in a tweet that he was injured and would be out for some time.

“Update on the wrist,” wrote Freeze, “I have tendonitis in M.extensor carpi ulnaris for several weeks now. The only treatmentt is rest rip “.

While still in recovery, in the beginning of November, he talked about H2k telling him that he was not obligated to stick around after the end of the 2016 season, saying, “From today til 15th November I have an agreement with H2k to freely approach/get approached by any team. Take it as a free agency.”

There has not been a statement about what team Freeze will be moving on to but he did make it clear that he is on the market as both a player and coach.

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