Frame data for Abigail made available by Capcom

If you’re planning to devote some time towards learning Abigail, the newest character addition to Street Fighter V’s roster, there’s no doubt you’ll want to know his frame data to better verify your test results in training mode. If so, Capcom’s got you covered!

Clicking the link in the Twitter post above will take you to a website called The resulting page will display a list of the characters playable in SFV. Click on a character and you will be shown their combat stats, move list, costumes and even their frame data.

However, to view the frame data for a character, you must log in to the website using either your Playstation Network ID or your Steam ID. Upon logging in, you will see a welcome message. Skip over it and click the tab saying “Frame Data” in order to see a detailed overview of the character’s toolset.

Here is a screenshot of a portion of the frame data for Abigail to give you an idea of what to expect…

For a breakdown of what exactly to look for when studying frame data, we recommend reading this article from the ThirdPersonBlog.

We’d also like to note that players can use the Demonstrations feature in the Challenge sub-menu to see minor breakdowns of each character’s abilities, particularly their special attacks and the ways they utilize the V System. They can also go to the Trials menu to practice a set of combos assigned to each character.

Street Fighter V is available to play on the Playstation 4 and Steam (PC) Platforms. In addition to Abigail, five other characters will be introduced to the roster throughout the game’s second season. The first three have been revealed to be Akuma, Kolin and Ed, and two other fighters that have yet to be unveiled.

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