Foo wins Overdrive Series Week 4 + BH @AMurderOfBears is going to EVO!

The Overdrive Series has come to a close! Here are your final results for Week 4!

For the fourth week in a row, BH BjornSonOfBear enters the Top 8 from the Winner’s side, but this time he faces a new threat named Foo, who packs a duo of Potemkin and Kum Kaehyun (the latter character appears in almost every match from this bracket!). After such godly consistency, Bear is finally dropped into Loser’s Bracket after a nail-biting series of five matches with Foo’s Kum Kaehyun! Other than when he hit Loser’s Bracket back during Week 2 due to a late showing, this is his first loss on record for the Overdrive Series.

However, he runs that match-up back with Voguekun in Loser’s Finals. This time, the 3-2 outcome is in his favor rather than the other way around. His confidence and momentum restored, he faces Foo once again, this time in Grand Finals. Bear is confronted with the task of winning two consecutive best-of-five sets, a trial that proves difficult considering his opponent’s skill. The set is once again extended to five games as the two struggle to overpower each other’s gameplan. Bear fights admirably, but he once again falls to Foo 2-3. This outcome brings about the end to his domination in the Overdrive Series, and Foo rises up as the new champion!

Final Results

1st – Foo
Prizes: 300 league points

2nd – BH BjornSonOfBear
Prizes: 250 league points

3rd – Voguekun
Prizes: 225 league points

4th – Kizzercrate
Prizes: 200 league points

5th – Octo
Prizes: 175 league points

5th – Ukyo Tachibana
Prizes: 175 league points

7th – Shinku
Prizes: 150 league points

7th – native
Prizes: 150 league points

Match Log

Winner’s Semifinals

BH BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. Ukyo Tachibana (Ky Kiske): 0

Foo (Potemkin): 3 vs. VogueKun (Kum Kaehyun): 1

Loser’s Bracket

Shinku (Dizzy): 2 vs. Octo (Potemkin): 3

(due to native being unable to make his match, Kizzercrate advances to Loser’s Quarterfinals)

Loser’s Quarterfinals

Octo (Potemkin): 2 vs. Voguekun (Kum Kaehyun): 3

Ukyo Tachibana (Ky Kiske): 0 vs. Kizzercrate (Ky Kiske): 3

Loser’s Semifinals

Voguekun (Kum Kaehyun): 3 vs. Kizzercrate (Ky Kiske): 0

Winner’s Finals

BH BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 2 vs. Foo (Kum Kaehyun): 3

Loser’s Finals

BH BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. Voguekun (Kum Kaehyun): 2

Grand Finals

BH BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 2 vs. Foo (Kum Kaehyun): 3

Congratulations to Foo for winning the final week of the Overdrive Series! What a nail-biting Grand Finals to watch! For those who missed out on the live broadcast, watch the archive here.

And now, the moment of truth. As those watching the Overdrive Series will know, the player with the greatest amount of league points at the end of the series will be flown out to Evolution 2017 this July on the dime of Stream.Me. With the fourth week at its end, we have the final standings below for you to review!

With three victories and a second place finish in Week 4, Blue Hurricane’s BjornSonOfBear has acquired a winning total of 1,150 points! As such, we are happy to announce that he will be crowned the Overdrive Series league champion! Of all the players, his consistency has been very inspiring for the Guilty Gear XrD community! Congratulations to him for the victory!

As promised, we’ll be flying him out to the Mandalay Bay this July, where he will compete in Guilty Gear XrD Revelator 2 for Evolution 2017! Speaking of Revelator 2, the update has been scheduled to drop next month. See this article for more details.

We are very grateful to the players who invested their time into the Overdrive Series, whether it be as a spectator or a competitor. All of you have put on an amazing display for us to witness and we can’t thank you enough for your support! Thanks also go out to the guys at LevelUpLive for joining with us to produce both this series and the Savage Series!

To Rynge and OctoPimp, we thank you both for providing your commentary throughout the series. We wish you well with wherever your roads take you!

Good luck to Bear at EVO, as well as to anyone else who will be participating!

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